It is December First – You Know What That Means!

With only 24 days to go, most golfers have a gift list longer than their driver. There never seems to be a shortage of new gimmicks, training aids and solid must have items. It is a wonderland paradise that sets most golfers dreaming of golf balls in their heads. Today is the day that I start to make a very small list of golf equipment for my loved ones. That way, the pressure to find that perfect golf gift is off them and me. What an exciting time of year!!!

I have not finalized my list yet, but I am certain I know what the gist of the list will look like. I will ask for some golf balls (of course), stocking stuffers (tees, sharpies), a new towel and generally something new that I want to try. It is the same process I go through every year and experience tells me that it is a good system for everyone.

It is going to be an interesting few weeks as I start narrowing down my list. There is a point where it will meet everyone’s (giver and receiver) needs, wants and desires. I feel very strongly about making a list and my family enjoys it as well.

Added on 3 Dec.

Like I said earlier, it is time to start researching for potential gifts. Do you make a golf list for your family and friends?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “It is December First – You Know What That Means!

  1. Jim, I’ve been accused of having a list that looks the same year after year. Well bore me to death!!! – LOL!!! Keep the balls, tees, and gloves coming! Merry Christmas!!!



  2. Jim,

    Christmas is definitely a time forgiving, therefore I gave myself a new set of Ping 410 irons! Hit them at the range for the first time today – still some work to do on the long irons, but the short irons were great to hit. To continue giving, I also gave myself a new set of Cleveland wedges as well…just wondering now if I have been naughty or nice as I would like new woods as well? I guess that I will need to hold off on new Driver and 3 Wood – until at least my birthday in January.

    Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks when I travel back to Canada. Maybe my shopping list had a little something for the Grateful Golfer as well?


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