What Is On Your Christmas List?

With just under 3 weeks to go before Christmas, many people are feverously scrambling to buy the perfect gift for that someone special. This was a very stressful time for me and my family in the past because picking out a gift for someone, especially golf stuff to a non-golfer, can be challenging. Well, our gift giving process has changed dramatically over the years and now we have fairly stress free approach that suits everyone in my family.

Over the years, I have received many fantastic gifts from my loved ones. They took a great deal of time thinking what gift would fit my wants and needs. Of course, as time ticked on, those wants changed and I am bless that my family recognized that being particular about golf gifts was not a slight on them, but more a way of maximizing my joy from their gift giving.

Over the past few years, I would provide a very specific list of golf stuff I desired. I would provide a long list, not with expectation of receiving all the items, to allow the giver a choice of what they thought they would like to give as a present. The process was very good for everyone involved and it worked very well. I actually used the gifts they gave me and I think that provided as much joy to the giver as the initial give.

The above sentence is the crux of my article for today. I think that it is okay to provide a golf list to our loved ones to help non-golfers with ideas that will benefit both the giver and receiver. On a quick note, if you search using the tag: “golf gifts for Christmas” you will never guess how many hits there are…..are you ready……208,000,000. Yup, that is an insane number of possibilities. The results range from a reasonably priced gift to Oh My! So, I recommend that you as a golfer can help reduce the stress on your loved ones by providing a list of golf stuff you would like to see under the tree.

Do yo provide a list of golf stuff you would like for your loved ones?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “What Is On Your Christmas List?

  1. Just bought a Scotty Cameron putter and Maverik Pro driver – Michelle is likely not in the mood for me to buy more clubs…., but let’s wait and see..
    How goes it?
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