Stressing About Golf Shots

Playing in a competition or on the cusp of shooting your best score heightens the stress level of most golfers. We tend to “get in our head” thus causing us to second guess our normally routine shots. It is inevitable that the closer we are to success on the links, the higher the levels of stress we need to manage. Regardless of which shot needs to be perfect, our mental approach to these situations is the key factor to managing that empowers golfers to perform under stressful conditions. I have experienced this situation many times in my career with mixed outcomes. However, as I matured as a golfer, I found that performing under stress has become easier producing brighter outcomes.

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What Is On Your Christmas List?

With just under 3 weeks to go before Christmas, many people are feverously scrambling to buy the perfect gift for that someone special. This was a very stressful time for me and my family in the past because picking out a gift for someone, especially golf stuff to a non-golfer, can be challenging. Well, our gift giving process has changed dramatically over the years and now we have fairly stress free approach that suits everyone in my family.

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Building Mental Strength In Golf

Equally important as a grooved swing is a strong mental game. Like you swing mechanics and course management players need to dedicate time to build mental strength in order to avoid a miss hit due to pressure or stress. The challenge for most players is not dedicating the time to fortify their ability to perform under pressure. It really is an important aspect of focused training overlook by many. The question for most is: ‘how do I build mental strength to perform under pressure’? Well, that is a great question indeed.

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Do You Have a Golf List of Wants and Needs?

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas? Well, it is actually, but in this case it is more about being prepared. If you are like most golfers, we are very particular about the “golf stuff” we receive. There is plenty of options, but each player has unique needs and requirements. As such, having a running golf list helps take the stress out of the giver’s life. This list helps others enjoy in milestones more because they know they will buy you something you want. Unfortunately, most amateurs do not have a list and I a surprised.  Continue reading

Daydreaming About Golf Is Good For Your Game

Daydreaming about golf is good for my game!

What do you daydream about? We all daydream from time to time or have a specific topic that occupies our thoughts when not engaged in an activity. I think about many things, but my main focus is on golf. Hence, the reason I can write an article every day. I realize that the topics do not provide earth shattering, thought-provoking results, but it makes me happy and I enjoy writing. In case you were wondering, daydreaming about golf is good for your golf game! Continue reading