Daydreaming About Golf Is Good For Your Game

Daydreaming about golf is good for my game!

What do you daydream about? We all daydream from time to time or have a specific topic that occupies our thoughts when not engaged in an activity. I think about many things, but my main focus is on golf. Hence, the reason I can write an article every day. I realize that the topics do not provide earth shattering, thought-provoking results, but it makes me happy and I enjoy writing. In case you were wondering, daydreaming about golf is good for your golf game!

Research indicates that daydreaming is very good for the mind. It helps sharpen our mental abilities, aids in planning, and recharges it ability to conduct complex activities. From the Mother Nature Network, daydreaming does the following things:

  1. It heightens your ability to perform complex mental tasks
  2. It boosts your intelligence
  3. It makes you more creative
  4. It helps relaxation and cuts harmful stress
  5. It strengthens your working memory

Now, does daydreaming not sound like a great tool for a golfer. I daydream about my daily and I think it helps. Daydreaming also transcends into focused imagery about my swing. I think about the tough shots I missed and how I can improve. I talk myself through a round were I am shooting under par. I daydream often about golf and other topics. I find it very relaxing and I guess I am not the only one:

Now that research says daydreaming is good thing, I can see me thinking about golf even more (although I am not sure that is possible). I had support that it is good for my game, so I plan to adopt this tool to improve my mental strength.

I am think that daydreaming will lead to lower golf scores and if not, at least I am thinking about something that makes me happy. How about you? Will daydreaming about golf be part of your daily routine?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Daydreaming About Golf Is Good For Your Game

  1. Oh I’m pretty sure we all do this to some extent. I will certainly replay my most recent round in my head to see where I can improve next time. Very good as a way of drifting off to sleep! Cheers, Rob.

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