Just Waiting For Golf Season

I realize it is a bit early to be looking forward to golf season, but I purchased my membership for next year and so I am ready to play. I the meantime, actually 126 days, I have to fill my time doing my traditional off-season stuff. It is all fun things….for the most part 😉 …….but it sometimes it does not reduce my excitement for April 15th to arrive.

I have to admit that I am a bit slow on the uptake for training, but that is nothing new. I generally cruise through the holiday season and hunker down in January to prepare for opening day. In the meantime, my wife and I have started to walk as much as possible. Regardless of the temperature, we try to inspire each other to get our daily walk in. We both find that it is a fantastic way to start our day. We have all the kit so temperature is not that big of a factor.

In the picture, it was a crisp minus 16° Celsuis (3° F). I had 3 layers of clothes on so I can adjust my temperature as we trotted around our country side. Believe it or not (Kevin, Brian, and Padraig) it is very comfortable as long as there is now real wind to contend with; if there is then it becomes a bit uncomfortable. Walking daily is a big part or my off-season training and it does wonders for my mental state.

Next, I have friends like Mike, who I golf with during the summer at Osprey Links, who send me pictures of the courses he is playing right now. I appreciate any of these images because it helps me feel good about having to wait until April to tee it up. Here is his latest picture from Mike. The course is Southern Dunes Golf and Country Club, Haines City, Florida. Mike is full of life and a great guy to golf with; I just wish he would stop donating money to my membership 😉

His pictures that Mike sends me during the off-season are great and I appreciate that he thinks of me while he is having fun in the sun! Thanks Mike, I am grateful!

One of the other things I enjoy doing is looking for golf deals. They pop up from time to time and when they do I usually jump at the savings. Mostly it is consumables, but right now I am looking for a replacement for my Garmin Approach 6. I like the Garmin product and have not decided if I want to stick to the same style or perhaps get a watch or a smaller product. I continue to bounce back and forth, but for now I am just looking.

Well, I think I have lamented enough for one day. I hope everyone is doing great and for those of you still playing, have fun and keep your ball on the short grass!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Just Waiting For Golf Season

  1. Jim, it’s easier to start golf prep when the cabin fever bug hits. For me that’s usually in late January. Great that you are able to get your daily dose of exercise while waiting. Stay warm!



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