Our First Dusting Of Snow

Winter is officially here! Up until now we have experienced higher than normal temperatures that allowed for more golf (for some) and comfortable temperatures for winterizing our property. I still have a few more chores, but that is normal because there is always something to do around here. Having said all that, with the first dusting of snow a switch changes in my brain that directs my thoughts to keeping my golf passion alive for the next six months. Mostly, I will write, train and hit balls in my DIY driving net. This transition is the same as every other year with one minor exception, I am looking a hickory golf more and with great interest. Hickory golf is not all encompassing, but it allows me to focus on other golf related things as I nestle down for a long winter’s nap.

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Just Waiting For Golf Season

I realize it is a bit early to be looking forward to golf season, but I purchased my membership for next year and so I am ready to play. I the meantime, actually 126 days, I have to fill my time doing my traditional off-season stuff. It is all fun things….for the most part 😉 …….but it sometimes it does not reduce my excitement for April 15th to arrive.

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Update: Working The Golf Course In The Off-Season

This is an update as of 28 February 2020 on what Jeff and Craig were doing in the picture below: Well, with the crazy weather this winter, knowing we’ve had severe freeze thaw cycles trying to get a handle on how much ice is under the snow. And how and when we can remove it…

If you have ever wondered what happens at the golf course in the off-season, you should take a short trip to see your GM and Superintendent right about now! I try to keep tabs on the Osprey Links team when winter sets in because I always find out interesting things about what they do in the winter to make my upcoming golf season a success.

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Training in the Off-Season

Training in the golf off-season is a fundamental activity for any golfer. For me, it is critical to prepare for what comes next in my game. I am not a physical trainer, nor do I profess to be an expert in building training programs. I do, however, understand the importance of being physically fit for golf and life in general.

As an aging golfer (this is relative), I find that staying fit is easier than trying to get fit. I find that I recover from physical exertion faster if I stay fit. I sleep better, feel better and my general attitude remains positive if I stay physical fit. So, and I guess you figured this out by now, that training in the off-season has many benefits that transcend golf. Continue reading

Golf Season is Just Around the Corner

As many of my fellow Canadians will attest, the 2016 golf season is just around the corner. The snow is gone, April showers have started, and a crazy cardinal is banging its head against my patio door (I am not kidding about the cardinal)! All of these, and many more, are signs that spring is near and golf season will soon be upon us!

After 4 months, I am ready to hit the links! This off-season seemed exceptionally long and for some reason, time seemed to pass slower than molasses moving downhill in January! As golf season is just weeks away, it is time to prepare. As a creature of habit, I will start my preseason tradition of mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing to golf.
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