Our First Dusting Of Snow

Winter is officially here! Up until now we have experienced higher than normal temperatures that allowed for more golf (for some) and comfortable temperatures for winterizing our property. I still have a few more chores, but that is normal because there is always something to do around here. Having said all that, with the first dusting of snow a switch changes in my brain that directs my thoughts to keeping my golf passion alive for the next six months. Mostly, I will write, train and hit balls in my DIY driving net. This transition is the same as every other year with one minor exception, I am looking a hickory golf more and with great interest. Hickory golf is not all encompassing, but it allows me to focus on other golf related things as I nestle down for a long winter’s nap.

I have decided to be a bit more introspective this offseason. I plan to dissect my golf season with the intent of developing a better plan of improving next season. I have committed to playing golf (as a member) at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. I am meeting some great golfers and I am enjoying the extra time I save not having to drive an hour to play. I do miss playing golf with my friends, but with every decision there are upsides and downsides.

As I mentioned earlier, I plan on delving deeper in areas where I will improve my game. Specifically, I am going to improve my short approach shots. My focus will be from 100 yards and closer. The distance I am choosing is not random because after a years worth of effort, I have a space in my back yard where I can hit a 100 yard shot. Yup, my backyard will be my own private wedge area where I can hit all my wedges comfortable. Specifically, I want to improve my gap wedge from 100 yards because I already know that this was a weak area of my game last season. Regardless, I am excited to have a new practice area in my backyard.

Golf is a year around sport for many players. Unfortunately, the first dusting of snow closes my golf door shut for good. There is no more glimmer of hope thinking I will be able to sneak out for a round. However, I am committing to staying focused this offseason with the intent of improving my game next year.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Our First Dusting Of Snow

      • I thought I explained that Florida tax law requires us to rub it in. It’s nothing personal. 😂

        This might not make you feel any better either. I went ten under tonight in the skins game. Not a single bogie on the card. Only took 4 skins but only two of the others got one so the payday was one of the bigger ones I’ve managed. Might actually buy a cup of coffee and a donut even with today’s inflation. lol I was on them on most every hole tonight.

        Pretty close to the course record. 2 off, but since we played the shortened track it couldn’t have counted as the low round even if I had managed to go a couple more under. 1-4 and 14-18 has all but one of the easiest par 4’s and none of the harder ones. Still, that’s a personal best even on the short track.

        Plus, again that Florida tax law thing, the temps hovered around 70F again with just a slight breeze and the sunset was spectacular. Didn’t take pictures tonight though. I was too in the moment. Almost so much so that I failed to notice the view until one of the guys commented. lol

        Oh, and you’ll love this. Rule 7 came into play tonight. Someone slammed a garage door at the clubhouse behind us while one of the guys was in his swing. lol Sounded like a bomb went off and he hooked it out to the street so we let him have a mulli. lol

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