Taking Three Months From Golf

The title might be a bit confusing as my golf season ended last month. At this time every year, I take at least three months off without swinging a club. I have the facility in my garage to hit golf balls, but I also like to take the time off to recharge. This year, however, I am taking the time to heal some nagging injuries I played with all summer. I went to my first physio appointment and have some exercises to do a few times a day, but I expect the time away from golf will help with my healing process. It just makes sense to take these three months and to get healthier.

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Retro Post About Taking 100 Swings A Day

Habitually, I think about how to maximize my efforts when using the DYI driving net over the winter. As I was perusing YouTube, I stumbled across a video by Hank Haney; which by the was was posted on Brian Penn’s page. Then I remembered about a post I commented on by Brian Penn dealing with taking 100 practice swings a day. It was fate, so I figured I do more research and this is what I found out.

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Golf Season Is Basically Over

It is that time of year when I look at putting my golf clubs away. The wet temperatures and cooler weather is the key indicator that it might be time to go through my end of season routine. šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜” ^^’

Although my clubs are still in my golf locker, I mean my car, I think they are starting go gather dust from lack of use. It is a matter of time (very short in fact) before I pull them out, clean them, and store them for the winter.

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Decide – The Only Off Season Golf Strategy You Need


This is the ultimate off-season golf strategy for any golfer. You have heard me mention it before, but now it is time to get the details!

This one little word changes in-action into action!

It empowers all players to get active and do something; anything to help improve their golf game.

Recently, I asked players what they did in the off-season to prepare for the time they hit the links. 50% of the players said that they putt. That was about it. Well, I applaud the fact they do something, I would suggest that it may not be enough to help lower their scores early in the 2016 golf season.


This is the most difficult step in using your off-season to your advantage is to make the decision to do something! Deciding to get of the couch and work on your game will be the best decision you ever make to lower your golf scores.Ā Here is what I think:

  • Decide build A Growth Mindset About Golf
  • Decide to become a student of the game
  • Decide to get fit
  • Decide to practice
  • Decide to read about more than mainstream golfing news
  • Decide to decide to improve your game

Well this is it, my fool-proof off-season plan for anyone to improve their golf game! Anyone can do it, anyone, if they decide, can change what they are currently doing to lower their golf scores in 2016!

I have made the decision to do somethingĀ and I am currently formulating a plan. I hope to share it with you over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, it is your turn to: