Never Forget Your First Golf Lesson

Do you remember the first golf lesson you ever received? For some, it was from a professional, for others (like myself) it was from my Dad. He taught me so many things on and off the golf course, I consider myself blessed that he was in my life albeit for too short of a time. Every once in a while, I remember his my first lesson he taught and believe I have honoured him during every round of golf I play!

The very first lesson my Dad taught me was to always be a gentlemen on (and off) the golf course. I will admit I have faulter in my efforts once in a very long while, but for the majority of the time I have conducted myself as a gentlemen. I believe that when on the golf course we should:

  • treat my playing partners with respect
  • be honest
  • be polite
  • respect the game
Support from my friends when I was going through cancer treatments!

These things might seem foreign to others, however they are fundamental to my approach to golf. Each person can apply my tenets as they see fit, but I try to keep others at the forefront of how I play and hope they enjoy playing with me as much I as I do with them. Golf is a contact sport and connecting with other golfers in a positive manner is really what drives me to be a gentlemen on and off the course.

I owe so much to my Dad for how I approach golf. He was a true gentlemen and he passed valuable lessons to men early in my career and it has impacted all the years of my life. For this I am truly grateful.

I want to shift tracks a bit and include my Mom. She started golf later in life and became a student of the game very quickly. My Dad also passed on my first lesson to her and it was evident in how she approached the game. I remember playing in several tournaments with her and appreciating the fact that we both approach golf in the same manner.

I miss playing golf with my parents, they taught me so much about how to play golf as a gentlemen. I expect that things will not change moving forward. If we ever get a chance to play golf with you, I hope that you see the teachings of my Dad and Mom. It is my lighthouse in a storm and I am grateful my Dad took the time to teach my the importance of playing golf like a gentlemen.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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