Swing Thoughts To Help Your Game

The golf swing is a mix of many different movements. The slightest change to a smooth swing can result in a failed shot. For the longest time, I have espoused to limit our swing thoughts to none if possible. Unfortunately, to achieve this result I must be playing well enough to let things happen. I hit many good balls during a round, however when things go off the rails, my internal chatter and swing thoughts get ramped up. After watching a few videos, I realize that having one swing thought is not necessarily a bad thing. This one thought helps to centre the rest of my swing in order to produce the results I seek….or at least that is what the professionals do.

Watching the video, I realize that the professionals focus on one swing thought in order to produce a great golf shot. Interestingly, this thought is unique to each player as they used it to keep their mind focused on their shot at hand. After some thought about the situation, I realize that this technique has merit. Additionally, I have used it in the past with some success, but for some reason I try to start each round with as little white noise in my mind as possible.

Everyone has their own process to cut white noise or excessive swing thoughts.  Everyday, we are bombarded with information that is filter, processed, acted upon, or discarded.  The difficulty is to figure out what is important and which process works best; then apply it to golf. In the case of the professionals, they chose one thought and stick to it for their swings. It usually entails to a fix the are currently attempting and does change as the situation changes. I like this process and think that it will help me stay focused longer when playing. The trick is to find that swing thought that works best.

Swing thoughts are not necessarily a bad thing. I would, however, recommend keeping it one swing thought for an entire round. This mantra style approach might help quieten the white noise associated with playing golf. Thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Swing Thoughts To Help Your Game

  1. Jim, when I’m at my best my mind is on the target and off my swing. Very hard to maintain. Usually I limit myself to two swing thoughts. One for the backswing and a downswing trigger. And the never ending battle goes on!



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    • Brian,

      It is a never ending battle that requires constant focus. I to like to focus on my target. It helps the rest of my swing make things happen to reach that result. Too many swing thoughts equals a frustrating round.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. I don’t disagree much with this. I mean I too want to narrow my focus down to just one thought to start my swing. I want to narrow it down to how I’m starting my swing in fact. The direction of the take away will determine the swing path so that’s what I want to focus on as I start my swing and nothing else. The rest will just come if I’ve done a good job setting up.

    But before I start the swing I’ve got lots of thoughts going through my mind. I’m using them to practice the swing, I’m using them to set up to make the swing I need. Tons of thoughts are getting processed. Reminders of past failures and weak links. All things I can mostly help alleviate during set up. But once set up I agree, it’s time to narrow the focus. One move to get started, and the target. So two things really.

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    • Kevin,

      It is interesting that you have plenty of swing thoughts until you are set, then you clear your mind. I find that challenging because my mind continues to race with the white noise. There is no correct way to keep our swing thoughts at bay, it is all unique to each player.

      Cheers Jim


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