Making Solid Iron Contact

This article is a follow on from a previous article called Making Solid Contact With Irons. The reason for revisiting this very important topic is because I spent many years chasing the proper ball position to set up great iron contact. It is an important skill that all amateurs should know and hone. It will save a great deal of frustration by knowing and understanding where to contact the ball with your irons.

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Making Solid Contact With My Irons

As per previous years, I go through a lull in my iron striking ability until I am able to correct the my errors. I have a pretty good understanding on where my challenges lie, so that will help speed up my correction curve. I am pretty confident that you most of you are saying that if I this happens every year, why not head it off at the pass. Well, the challenge is that I never know exactly when my contact woes will show up, so trying to fixing something prematurely has never worked for my game. The best I can do is be aware that my iron play challenges is coming and be prepared.

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Hitting Solid Irons

Hitting solid iron shots is very important to low golf scores. I am a proponent of the high greens in regulation percentage and this can only be accomplished by solid iron play. I am not a professional, therefore, many of my tips and advice are from an amateurs perspective. They work for me and so I like to share them. From time to time, I find a tip that I like to use and will share it with you. Here is one of those tips. Continue reading