If Wishing Made It So

There are so many things in life that I would like to see changed. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective, I have no control on the outcome of many events. Even though I may wish for something different, the results I look for do not come to pass. In these cases, I do not actively take action to try to impact the results except to wish for something different. In those cases, I should not expect a different result because I am not doing anything different; I am pretty sure Albert Einstein alluded to this when he defined insanity.

As I look forward to the 2018 golf season, I have several aspects of my game I am going to improve. My primary focus is on my short game, but I will not forget the other aspects of my game. As I embark on another journey of change, I have to make sure that I actually make an effort. Wishing for a different result, but never adjusting anything does not work. I have tried this approach and all it does is increase my frustration when the bottom line never changes.

As we enter the season of wishes, remember that nothing ever changes without effort. In my case, I have to check my ego and actually decide to make a change. This first step is more difficult than it sounds because no one really likes change.

It is time to transition from wishing to doing. If wishing made it so, I would be playing on the PGA Tour, but alas just wishing is not a plan to be a better golfer. I already made the decision to change, now I have to put my decision into action. I have started, now it is time to consistently put forth the effort I need to reach my goals.

How about you? Are your ready to stop wishing and start doing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “If Wishing Made It So

  1. Well, wishing didn’t do a thing to help my game on Monday. But then neither did all the work I’ve done. Some days things just don’t go your way.

    Fortunately, the work I’ve been doing did come through for me today. I kept the miss hits down to just two, and had 3 first putts come up short early on but I stayed under 80 with no doubles or three putts for the day so I’m happy. And I’m 100% in agreement. Golf requires you to work to get better.

    The guys I played with today all hit 20-30+ yards farther off the tee than I can yet I won by 6 strokes from the best of their games. Then, before I left, I went back up to the 1st tee to get some water and found the cute little barkeep hitting balls off the first tee. She asked how I did, and I of course said great, I shot a 77 and the next thing I knew I was helping her with her swing. Practice can have more benefits than just a better game. Lol

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  2. Well put. I was certainly disappointed I didn’t really move forward in 2017, but in retrospect I was probably just doing the same old things but hoping nonetheless for a difference to somehow manifest itself. I shall take your words to heart as we move into 2018! Cheers, Rob.

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