NO Fear Putting!

Most players reach that putting distance where negative thoughts start to creep in. Depending on your skill and confidence, that distance varies. Personally, my distance is around 50 feet or so, but that changes depending on the speed of the green, the undulations, uphill or downhill, or how I am playing that day. There are many influences, however 50 feet is my standard distance of concern. That, however, is not what most golfers think.

Recently, I conducted a poll and I was quite surprised at he responses. It appears that many golfers have the “No Fear Putting” view when on the green. They expect to walk away with no more than a 2 putt all the time.

I am not sure who fits into that 40%, but I like it! I like the confidence, moxie, and determination to never 3 putt. I can say that their approach (which is much like mine) to putting is perfect. It is important to be an aggressive putter and only let the influences of each shot affect the result; not negative thinking.

I guess the next question is how do we develop this way of thinking on the green. Personally, I always try to putt the ball past the hole regardless of the distance. This usually ensures that I have a reasonable putt coming back if I miss the first shot. Yes, sometimes I bang the ball farther past the hole than intended, but usually that is not the case.

Putting is as much mental as physical. If I can adopt the “No Fear Putting” approach or at least ingrain it more in my game, then I believe this will help lower my golf scores. Having confidence on the green is definitely a game changer. What do you think? Do you use the “No Fear Putting” approach on the green?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “NO Fear Putting!

  1. I’m with Sully on this one. But I’ve made great progress this year. I have much more confidence in my ability to hole out inside of 8 feet today thanks to the thousands of practice putts from that distance I’ve dropped this past year.

    Nothing beats dedication to your practice to alleviate fear. Tomorrow I get to put it to the test on some fast greens again. I got a deal to play a course that used to host the JC Penny Classic. Thats the course I had my best day putting ever on so wish me luck for a repeat performance.

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  2. Jim, early last season, I changed to a pre-programmed distance based putting method where you establish baseline strokes for putts of certain lengths and adjust for speed, slope, etc. It helped immensely with 3-putt avoidance and took a lot of the trepidation out of the long ones. Late in the season, our greens got real fast, because of the dry summer, and I struggled a bit to re-program my distances. However, the gains I made have given me confidence in the method and I look forward to further refining it in 2018.



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    • Brian

      That is an awesome approach. I pace off most of my putts as well to help gauge the distance. I never thought of it as pre-programmed putting, but I guess it would be something like that. Great to hear your putting also improved this year. When you get back to playing in the new year, you will have all the tools to go for scratch!



      • Jim, the pre-programming was a paradigm shift for me. I had never paced putts but now do so on everything longer than 4 paces. Then I started experimenting with greenside shots that I had yipped in years past: same method but still not comfortable with it. I saw the potential though.

        On the scratch thing, thanks for the kind words. With the amount I play and practice, I’d be overjoyed to take a shot or two off my index. Going from 4.0 to scratch would require a level of commitment that I’m not prepared for right now.




      • Brian

        I understand your realistic approach to lowering your handicap. However, I would suggest that the goal is not that far off. If your putting and chipping approach works, then lower scores will follow. I am in the same situation, but still have hope that I will reach my goal sooner or later. Have a great day!


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  3. Jim,

    For me I feel reasonably confident in my ability to two putt from almost anywhere on the green.

    However, when I think of no fear putting those 5-7 foot putts come to mind. I personally struggle with second guessing my read on short putts, instead of just trusting my line and giving the ball a solid roll.

    Your point is well taken about trying to avoid 3 putts but I think being fearless and confident on the short putts can be a big part of scoring well around the green.

    Great insight as usual, got the gears turning during the off season already!

    Stay warm up in Canada,

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