Finding Success With My Driver

Recently, I mentioned that I was attempting to make some minor modifications to my swing when using the driver. I am trying to hit the ball just a bit higher in order to increase my distance off the tee. One of my goals this year is to stretch my average drive from 250 to 260 yards. After doing some research, I felt to achieve that goal, in needed to make minor modifications to my swing without sacrificing my accuracy. I am happy to say, so far so good.

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Trying To Hit Your Golf Ball Just A Bit Farther

Have you ever been in a situation where you need just 15 more yards to reach a par 5 in two? Or you need those 15 yards to clear a hazard? Or you are trying to squeeze out 15 yards to put a better club in your hands for an approach shot? Trying to squeeze out an additional 15 yards in golf is equivalent to other sports having that extra gear for a short period of time. At the more elite levels of sports, most athletes have this extra gear, but as amateurs it is not always available on demand. Personally, I can rarely squeeze out extra distance from my clubs and when I try it usually ends up in disaster.

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Choosing The Proper Golf Course Distance To Match Your Game


In the past, I talked about selecting the right distance to play using the course and slope ratings. They are important factors to choosing which tees to play as well as the distance of the golf course. After some reading, I think that distance is often overlooked when selecting a course to play. At my home course of Osprey Links, I generally play the whites at 6000 yards and play the tips at 6400 yards from time to time. I find that the extra 400 yards doe not really affect my game except I am hitting a longer iron into the green. So, I would say that my distance for comfortably playing a golf course ranges from 6000 to 6500 yards.

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Driver vs 3 Wood Off the Tee

For any golfer, the question of using a driver or 3 wood off the tee is finally answered. As I skimmed my usual social media feeds, I came across something from Golf Monthly Magazine. They offered up a stat from ShotScope that was quite enlightening. I tried to find the original source, but could not hammer it down. Regardless, I thought it was worth discussing anyway.

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Hitting The Ball Ridiculously Long on the Golf Course

We continually hear of players hitting the ball ridiculously long. I am not talking about a few extra yards, but the pros hitting their ball hundreds of yards father most amateurs. It is impressive and disheartening at the same time to hear or watch their ball sail to the moon and back. I am not sure it is good for the game, but it is the way of the future. Continue reading