Trying To Hit Your Golf Ball Just A Bit Farther

Have you ever been in a situation where you need just 15 more yards to reach a par 5 in two? Or you need those 15 yards to clear a hazard? Or you are trying to squeeze out 15 yards to put a better club in your hands for an approach shot? Trying to squeeze out an additional 15 yards in golf is equivalent to other sports having that extra gear for a short period of time. At the more elite levels of sports, most athletes have this extra gear, but as amateurs it is not always available on demand. Personally, I can rarely squeeze out extra distance from my clubs and when I try it usually ends up in disaster.

The first question I always ask whenever I want to push the limits of m golf swing is: how? How do I change what I am currently doing to add those 15 yards? That is a great question (in my opinion) because if I knew, I would do it now and keep those extra yards, but I don’t. Okay, before you start thinking I have lost what little bit of my mind I have left I know that there is some basic facts about my above statements that require clarification.

For ease of discussions, I am going to focus on my driver because the number of variables for discussing all my clubs would be a dissertation not a blog article. The reality is that I could from time to time try and squeeze out some extra distance on my drive. I as this because my current swing does not have me swinging out of my shoes and that leaves room for attempts to stretch my drive distance.

The challenge I have is I am not sure how to do this consistently. If I try to increase my swing speed, I have to try and increase the club head speed. To to this, I will need to change my tempo and that generally does not work for my game.

Believe me I have tried to gain driver distance, especially during scrambles, but, it usually ends up with me pulling my shot to the left because I engage my left side too quickly. My attempts to increase swing speed take me out of balance as well. There is one aspect of my swing I know helps and that is keeping my head still. If I can do this during my increased swing speed, I can occasionally garner some success. Unfortunately, this is a fleeting thing and not something I can sustain.

As you read the above paragraphs, you saw words like occasionally, consistently and generally. These are not words that instill confidence to make the attempts that have a high risk/reward ratio. So, I stick to my above statement that I rarely try to squeeze out more yardage because I am not normally successful. This does not mean I will not continue to try in the future, but I know my limitations and will stick to what I do best.

Can you squeeze out extra yardage with your driver on demand?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Trying To Hit Your Golf Ball Just A Bit Farther

  1. Jim, like Clint said in the movie, “A man has to know his limitations. “. Whenever I go for that little extra, it usually results in a pop up. The only success I’ve had is adding more of a pause at the top to get a smidgen more lag. Wouldn’t advise trying on a regular basis.



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  2. Same! I usually pull to the left when I try and smash it. One thing that sometimes works is focusing on keep my left elbow connected on the downswing when trying for extra speed. I also find that dipping/squatting a little bit at the start of the downswing can often add distance without effecting control too much.

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  3. You said it. We can swing out of our shoes to get it and we can suffer the consequences when we blow the attempt. It’s there, it’s just not safe and best used only as a last resort, or the scramble scenario where you have a ball in play already.

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