Trying To Hit Your Golf Ball Just A Bit Farther

Have you ever been in a situation where you need just 15 more yards to reach a par 5 in two? Or you need those 15 yards to clear a hazard? Or you are trying to squeeze out 15 yards to put a better club in your hands for an approach shot? Trying to squeeze out an additional 15 yards in golf is equivalent to other sports having that extra gear for a short period of time. At the more elite levels of sports, most athletes have this extra gear, but as amateurs it is not always available on demand. Personally, I can rarely squeeze out extra distance from my clubs and when I try it usually ends up in disaster.

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The Swoosh Drill For Increased Club Head Speed

I am on the hunt for indoor golf drills. The next few months will be long and cold, but the quest to improve my golf game never stops. As stated previously, I will be working on my putting very soon and in addition, I have decided to look for other drills I can perform in my basement. It did not take me very long to come across what I think is a great drill I can use given my limited practice area; it is called the swoosh drill. Continue reading