What Is My Next Move To Lower My Golf Scores

My main objective this year is to shoot every round under 80. With any luck I will shoot a few rounds in the 60s as well.  Of course, this is my ultimate goal and the reality of the matter is it likely will be tough to accomplish. But I figure there is no reason why I cannot set the goal and try to achieve it. It has worked in the past for other goals, so why not this one. 

Having set the goal, the next question is what am I going to do different to make this happen? Continue reading

Focused Physical Training to Improve My Golf Game

Staying physically fit is important to life in general. It is something I identified early in my life and have adopted an active lifestyle to enjoy what comes my way. It has served me well and I as approach 60, I know it will be important in my ‘gold years’. However, over the past five years, I have also come to realize that my physical training routine needs to focus on the activities I want to do most to ensure I can participate at the level want moving forward. In this case, golf is the sport I focus on most and as such do try to train to improve my game. However, this is not always the case for most players. Continue reading

You Are Not 20 Years Old Ya Know!

As my journey towards full recovery continues, I am often reminded by friends that I am not 20 years old anymore and that need to make sure that I manage my energy. Of course, this is at the forefront of all my activities, but I have to say that thinking I am not young anymore is a bit of crutch that I do not require. At 56 years young, regardless of my current health battle, I still think I am in my 30s and can do far more than most belief. Well, at least I believe I can and that is really what matters. Continue reading

I Thought I Was in Good Shape For Golf!

Every once in a while, I do an activity and realize that I am not in good athletic condition as I thought. Two nights ago, I was invited to curl on a competitive team.  We used this game as practice for a future tournament because I am not a curler, but dabble in the sport from time to time.

Serge, the Skip (or team captain) and I are friends and he invited me to join the Military Base team to compete in Regionals next week, so the game two nights ago was a great opportunity to hone (practice and learn) my curling skills. We were matched against the toughest team in his competitive league and played them to a draw (I was very happy). I had talked about golf Regionals before and curling Regionals are the same concept. Anyway, back to being in good shape. Continue reading

Great Golf Shots At The 2017 Masters

With the Christmas festivities over, I find that I start to look forward to my next season of golf. However, as I write this post, it is minus 26º C and I find it hard to get motivated to do much. I will hit the treadmill for sure, but after that staying indoors is definitely part of the plan. Being a bit housebound, it is a good time to bounce around a look at all things golf. It was a great way to pass an hour or two. Continue reading