Great Golf Shots At The 2017 Masters

With the Christmas festivities over, I find that I start to look forward to my next season of golf. However, as I write this post, it is minus 26º C and I find it hard to get motivated to do much. I will hit the treadmill for sure, but after that staying indoors is definitely part of the plan. Being a bit housebound, it is a good time to bounce around a look at all things golf. It was a great way to pass an hour or two.

As I was looking around, I came across this video of great shots from the 2017 Masters. Interestingly, many of the shots were not made by the big name players. This continues to reinforce my view that on any given day, anyone can win on the PGA Tour.

As I watched the shots, I noticed that most of the players did not aim for the pin. They played the lay of the green and as a result the ball made its way into the bottom of the cup. I love watching their course management because it helps me understand that golf is not just a hit and forget type of game.

Well, I still have 4 months before the courses open and it is really cold today so I will have to focus on my fitness and putting. These are important aspects of my off-season, yet do help my desire to walk the course and to play some golf!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Great Golf Shots At The 2017 Masters

    • Kevin

      Absolutely. That would be considered a perfect shot. I have only seen one in my life where my playing partner jarred their ball on the fly. And it was for a hole in one. The rest have bounced or rolled in. Have a great day.



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