How Many Golf Balls Do You Really Need!

Christmas giving is over. The gifts are unwrapped and I hope everyone received the top items on their list. If you are a golfer, there is a very good chance that golf balls were part of your haul. I did not ask for, nor receive golf balls this year because I still have about 5 dozen unopened boxes. Of course, if any manufacturer out there wants to send me some new golf balls to try, I am always open to writing a review on their product. (I know, a shameless plug). Now that you have a dozen or two new spheres of joy, the real question is: do you need to carry all of them during every round?

If you ask most players, about half will say 6 or less is the ideal number to carry. And another 40% will say between 7 and 12. Either is a reasonable number of golf balls to carry and it makes absolute sense. If you think about it, rarely will we lose more than 3 golf balls during a round, so why carry more than a dozen?

Having said this, I remember cleaning out my bag (on my push cart) before a big tournament. I like to remove the clutter before competition and to restock my supply with new golf balls.

On a side note, I generally do not lose golf balls often and it is not unusual for me to retire one after 4 or 5 rounds. But that is a story for another day.

Back to my point, after cleaning out my bag I realized I was carrying over 5 dozen golf balls. Between the ones I would hit, approximately 3 dozen, and the ones I found, I had 64 golf balls in my bag. I was dumb-founded to see so many come out of my bag. I can say, that after that, I only carry about a dozen golf balls I would hit and clean out the rest of the unwanted balls weekly. I mean really, who needs 64 golf balls in their bag at anytime!

If I carry my clubs, I make sure that I do not have more than a dozen golf balls in my bag and I clean out the extras after every round. Who needs the extra weight, right?

I did want to share one response from the poll. Al said that the ideal number of golf balls to carry is just one. He is absolutely right, however I am not so confident in my game and do not want walk off the course during the first hole to get more golf balls. Thanks Al for making us laugh.

The responses to my poll were very clear. About a dozen golf balls is more than enough for a round of golf. So, I pose one last question: how many golf balls are in your bag at this moment? I think if you check, you will be surprised.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “How Many Golf Balls Do You Really Need!

  1. An interesting question. The answer, having checked, is 21 – made up of 6 x Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis, 12 x Chrome Soft white, plus 2 x Titleist DT Trusoft and 1 x Srixon Soft Feel (the last clearly a pick up!). Christmas brought me a dozen more Truvis, but in this instance the Chrome Soft X. I am looking forward to finding out how different they feel compared to the classic Chrome Soft. I tend to keep a lot of golf balls in the bag – it provides me with a sense of security! Cheers,Rob.


    • Rob,

      A sense of security….nice! 21 balls is an interesting number. I wonder if this is intentional or an approximate number? I have tried different golf balls to figure out the one I want to use on a regular basis. I find that using the same golf ball helps my short game because I understand how it responds to my clubs. I would be interested in your opinion of the different balls. I like hearing what others think about the different manufacturers; it helps me decide which balls to try each year. I can say that I like the Truvis pattern for practice, it really helps me see the how I hit the ball.


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  2. I can say with confidence that right now there are less than 10 balls in my bag 2 of which are new balls and the rest are balls I found. And I have 9 more new balls in my trunk. I know this because I cleaned my bag recently too though mine wasn’t quite as packed as yours. I almost choked when I read 64. Best laugh I had all day.

    This time of year, I generally keep two sleeves just in case I have a terrible day. In the summer I carry more because the fairways get wet enough to sink a ball 3 inches under the fairway some days. I probably lost two dozen that way this year while I was having that trajectory problem.

    I lose more than you report, but I do a lot of practice on the course before and/or after my round and seldom play just 18. I always keep a few found balls in there to practice long over water shots and because a couple of the people I play with keep forgetting to make sure they bring enough. But even on my worst day, I’ve never had 64 in the bag. And I don’t carry like you. I’m thinking you have to be in better shape than me for sure.


    • Kervin

      9 balls is about right. I do not need to carry very many, but I find quite a few as I play helping my friends find theirs. I think this year I will cut down on the number I carry for sure. I do not need the extra weight. I carry my clubs for the first and last two months of the season. July and August are to warm and I use my push cart. As far as 64 balls at one time, I found most of them and neglected to empty my golf bag for about 3 weeks….I was surprised as well. I had balls in 3 different pouches of my golf bag!



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