My Top 5 Rules of Golf That Are Not Rules

As 2017 comes the lists will be flying. If you can think of a topic, then a list will be created. I thought I would get my golf list in before you are inundated with white noise. The list I am presenting is not pet peeves or complaints, but unwritten rules I follow to make my round of golf pleasurable. They would follow into the category of etiquette in some cases, but I think you will get the gist. They work for me and I think they will work for you, so grab a coffee, sit in a comfy chair, and enjoy!

In no particular order:

Fix more divots and ball marks than I make. This is an important rule for the care of any golf course. It drives me crazy to watch players dig away on the course and not make any attempt to fix either. Usually, I will go and pick up their divot and fix their ball mark while they watch. After the first or second time, they start to repair their own.

Rake the bunker. This may seem like a pet peeve, but it is just makes sense. I have watched players walk in and out of a bunker with no regard for the next player. As I stated in earlier posts, raking a bunker is all about respect for the course and your fellow player. I will rake my playing partners bunker if they are still away after their shot, it helps speed up the game and gives them a chance to catch their breath and relax. Raking a bunker is not difficult is a skill every player should master. It is the right thing to do!

Know were to stand on the green. This is a big one for me. Many amateurs do not understand that making any movement within the field of vision of the person playing is very distracting. I make a point, especially in competition to stay to the back of the player and far enough away so they cannot see me at all. It only takes a moment to walk to this position and it ensures that you are not a distraction.

Play ready golf. I understand that many amateurs think it is important to wait their turn; it is the polite thing to do. However if you not on the green, then get on with your shot. I do not suggest that anyone races down the fairway, but it is important to get ready to play your shot. On the green, playing in succession is important, but prolonging the time on the green should be avoided.

Be a grateful golfer. Playing golf is meant to be fun. It is a game. I find that if I am grateful when playing, my round is always fun. I appreciate being out in the sun, looping the course, and breathing deeply. I take pleasure in looking around at the what mother nature provides. Being a grateful golfer does help my golf score, but mostly hit helps me keep a positive mental attitude. I mean if I am not having fun playing, then what is the point.

Those are my top 5 rules of golf that are not real rules. If try to follow them every round and when I do, my rounds seems to be more enjoyable. I guess everyone will have their own rules to follow, it is a matter of perspective. Do you have any unwritten rules that you follow?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Rules of Golf That Are Not Rules

  1. Good list and you are right, none of them are actual rules. Etiquette rules or best practices should be learned by everyone. I think everyone knows they should rake the trap, they just choose not to.
    Given the discussion over the last few years about changing the actual golf rules, maybe we should ask everyone what golf rule they think is the most unfair or wish was eliminated.

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