Golf Rant: What is That Thing Beside the Bunker?

Many of the regular readers understand that The Grateful Golfer is about positive golf talk. I try to encourage, suggest, recommend the great things about golf when I can. Well today, I was perplexed on the first hole and maybe you can help me out!

Osprey Links hole 1

Osprey Links Hole 1

Today, I was in the second group out. We were on the first hole at Osprey Links Golf Course which is a par 5 dogleg to the right. The turn of the dogleg starts at about 250 yards out off the tee and on the right of this hole is a water hazard and two bunkers guarding the initial turn. This is a great starting hole, but I digress.

As Blair and I made our way down the fairway, the day was starting off great. We were following the first group of 3 players and everything seem as it should. But suddenly, as we made the turn towards the green, I spotted this black think sitting in the grass beside the two bunkers. I was perplexed to see this object just sitting there and started to ponder if it had any real use on the golf course. I was not sure, but I am confident that you, the reader, can help me out!

foot prints in sand

What is that black object!

I have seen these objects before (in various states of disrepair) and thought I understood their utility. But, after seeing the foot prints in the sand trap, I was not sure I fully comprehended their use. Of course the object in question is a rake!

Rake at Sand Trap

It is a rake!

As you can see, the people playing their shot out of the bunker had no comprehension what a rake is used for. Not only did they step past it once (as seen by the foot prints on the right) they stepped past it twice!

The rake is important equipment at a golf course. It allows a player to fix the sand trap so that the people following behind have a fair opportunity to play out of the sand if required. Raking a sand trap is not difficult, but is a necessity from a respect and etiquette point of view.

Therefore, if you hit your ball into the sand, please rake the sand trap. Lets make sure that everyone has fun on the course by taking care of it and raking the sand traps!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Golf Rant: What is That Thing Beside the Bunker?

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  2. Jim,

    Good post — this drives me crazy! I’m baffled when I see unraked bunkers. It’s extremely disrespectful to those playing behind you. Golfers have a responsibility to care for the course too, whether it be the bunkers, replacing/sanding fairway divots, or fixing your ball marks. Just common courtesy!


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    • Brian

      I did not fix the bunker. I probably should have. This is just one of the bunkers I took a picture of; unfortunately, this is a reoccurring problem at many of the courses I play. I do, however, fix many ball makes on the green!



  3. Yep, it’s one of the laziest things golfers do on the course. It takes like 30 seconds to rake a bunker so their are no excuses for missing this one.


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