Talking to your Golf Ball

Be There!

Be There!

Lately, I have taken to talking to my golf ball! It seems when the ball is not doing what it suppose to do….or I should say what I intended, I start yelling instructions to my golf ball. As my ball flight unfolds, it becomes very apparent that something is awry and I think that talking to my ball will help!

My sudden change of conversing with my ball stems from the lack to practice and intermittent play. I fully expected my game to decline over the past month due to my retirement and move, but for some reason this unusual trait has crept into my game. And honestly, I do not like it!

When playing I will say things like:

  • “Where is the fade” – This is a crazy statement because I rarely fade or draw the ball!
  • “Bounce right” – after pulling the ball left (which is my usual miss of late) I am hoping for a ground slice to bring the ball back on-line!
  • “Be there” – when I know I hit the ball fat and it has no chance!
  • “Break, come on, break” – This happens on the green when I have misread the putt or pulled it left!
  • “Get past the hole” or “100% of short putts don’t go in” – I have a touch of the shorts lately. I am leaving most putts I miss short. The do not have a chance to go in anyway, but I think that talking to my ball with help!
  • “Be the ball” – this usually happens when I am on-line and the ball looks like it has the distance. It happens periodically lately, but I think that talking to the ball helps, but it does not!
Putting is a tough skill to master in golf!

Putting is a tough skill to master in golf!

I do not like talking to my ball. I believe it demonstrates a lack of confidence in my game. I can see how this temporary trait has worked its way into my game, but it is time to remove it. I have to be mentally stronger so that I am confident in every shot.

It is important for my game to move back towards how I was playing earlier in the season. It is time to regain my positive attitude and play some golf!

Do you talk to your ball? If you do, is there a specific reason? Am I off base with my thinking? Drop me a note and let me know what you are thinking!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

14 thoughts on “Talking to your Golf Ball

  1. Jim, I now gently whisper to my ball at times – in positive ways. My new found freedom from expectations brings the negative self talk, both at myself and at the ball, almost to a halt.

    I think we all have our own way of being emotional on the course. I see talking to the ball as a “release valve” of sorts! Keep having fun, stay confident in your ability to make good swings and trust your game.


  2. The part that you didn’t touch on is the fact that most people who talk to their golf balls also, talk to their clubs. You see clubs and balls work together. You get them out once or twice a week to play a round or hit balls at the range. Then you go home and leave them in the garage or put them in the closet. They have to sit there and think about how you treated them on the golf course. Every time you hit a bad shot you claimed that is was their fault and for every good shot,
    you took all of the credit. With all of that time, that balls and clubs spend together they start to plan how to get even with us. There is only one thing that can be done to put a stop to this. You have to show them some respect every so often. When you have one of those days that you play a round that is way better that normal, don’t just take them home and throw them in the closet. When you get home polish all of your clubs and clean the golf balls. Also, don’t forget to clean your golf bag and please don’t forget your golf shoes. You just have to let them know that they are appreciated. Try this and you will be very surprised at the difference it makes. It brought me from the mid-90’s to the low-80’s in a matter of about months.

    Good Luck,


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  3. A common one I said yesterday was “what part of stop don’t you understand”.

    For some reason the golf ball wasn’t listening!


  4. Aloha Jim,

    Oh yes, I talk to my golf balls. I know that every time I take a ball out of the sleeve … that is first time it has ever been on a golf course … it has received absolutely no instruction … it has no idea what to do … I have to tell it what I want it to do.

    In fact I have taken this one step further. As I believe all golf balls are now made in China, I called a Chinese language instructor at the University of Hawaii and had him teach me a couple of phrases so I can talk to my golf balls in their native language. (Jaiyo – go and Zing – stop).

    Keep talking to them, they need the help.

    A Hui Hou,
    Wayne .

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  5. No matter how well you strike your golf ball, luck will always play a part in most golf shots, so pleading for luck to fall your way is understandable. I’ve always talked to my golf ball and sometimes it actually listens. I think it makes the game fun.


    • Jeremy

      I completely understand. I have pleaded the golf gods from time to time for a ground slice, but I try not to make a habit of it. I will, however, talk to my playing partners golf ball to some luck!



  6. I talk to the ball for two different reasons. Firstly when I hit a poor shot and I am being sarcastic. Secondly when I I hit it well and I know it is on the money. I rarely talk to putts. Now I do talk to myself after some rounds – lol.


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