Putting Tip For Short Putts

Butch Harmon offers a tip on how to successfully sink short putts. The crux of the lesson is to keep you head focused on the contact point between the ball and the putter before looking up. This helps facilitate solid contact and a complete putter stroke.

Very simple and effective. I use a version of this tip by counting to one before looking up. It works for me, give it a try and see if it works for you.

I am grateful golfer! See you on the links!

When Putting Be Aggressive!

During my recent successes on the links, I have one real failing. It might not seem like much because of my low scores, but I cannot believe the challenges I am having on the greens. Before you roll your eyes, you must know by now that I am always trying to take advantage of every ounce of possibilities so I can shoot the lowest score. At this time, my putting is causing me some angst and I know exactly why!

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Where Do You Miss Your Putts?

Putting is such a personal thing, that it is difficult to have one definitive lesson or process that fits all golfers. If there is one thing that players like myself have figured out is that a pre-shout routine is critical to being a consistent and effective on the green. And, as such, when I do not follow my proven process to the letter, I can tell by how I miss my putt. Can you?

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Putting Tips For Amateur Golfers

Have you ever wondered why amateur golfers rarely give any putting tips? Of course, our friends offer many suggestions on a sure fire way to lower your golf scores, but they generally are a description on how they putt and not a stroke that fits your game. Putting is challenging and it is a stroke that is unique to every golfer. Of course there is an 80% solution for putting as most strokes I have observed have these fundamental tendencies. So, today I thought I would provide those observations and hopefully they will help lower your golf scores.

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Play Better Golf – Starting With My Putting

I can say that my game is starting to improve. This is no surprise given the time of year, yet there is one area where I am every please with and hope it continues. That is my putting. I have a solid feel for the greens and have only a few 3-putts this year. This is a great thing because my touch on the greens will only get better.

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