Putting Tips For Amateur Golfers

Have you ever wondered why amateur golfers rarely give any putting tips? Of course, our friends offer many suggestions on a sure fire way to lower your golf scores, but they generally are a description on how they putt and not a stroke that fits your game. Putting is challenging and it is a stroke that is unique to every golfer. Of course there is an 80% solution for putting as most strokes I have observed have these fundamental tendencies. So, today I thought I would provide those observations and hopefully they will help lower your golf scores.

Most of these observations occur from watching the great players on TV. I have adopted them or at least try too. The importance of each of these points is that each amateur should take them, practice with them, and make a version of them their own. It is not really difficult, but it will take some time.

So here is what I see:

  • They lock their wrists. Through the entire putting stroke, the top players lock their wrists. This forces the big muscles in their shoulders to create the tempo. By locking their wrists, they are able to recreate the same swing regardless of distance or break.
  • They have a solid foundation. Their feet are in the same position every time in relation to the putter head and they evenly distribute their weight. A solid foundation helps provide the stability required to make consistent putting strokes.
  • They follow through. Only the odd player stabs at the ball with any success. All the top players have a smooth stroke that follow through farther than they take it back. I whole heartedly believe this is the main key to successful putting. If you are going to follow any of today’s suggestions, follow this one.
  • Finally, they putt the ball past the hole. You know the old saying: 100% of short putts do not go in!

So, where are the other tips for amateurs that I promised. Well I suggest you think of the tips that heard recently from your friends. All the tips that never seem to work because they are based in the what works best for the person providing the tip and not you. I am not trying to be harsh, but I have listened to many of these tips and used them with no success.

Putting tips for amateurs are as abundant blades of grass on a golf course. The trick is to weed through the ones that work best for you and disregard the tips that have no value to your game. It is a challenge, but one that all golfers experience and need to overcome if they want to be a better golfer. I know this from experience and consider the impact every time I decide to check out a new tip.

How about you? How do you sift through the plethora of tips you hear while you are at the golf course?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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