When Opportunity Knocks At The Golf Course

A golf course can offer many opportunities for golfers. Sometimes it comes in the way of lower golf scores; sometimes it is an opportunity to play lots of golf; and sometimes the stars align and your circle of friends expands. I have played many courses over the years and lately Osprey Links is where I call home. Actually, this is the second time I decided to be a member and the last four years provided many opportunities to improve my overall golf experience.

This golf blog has its roots in gratefulness. I am blessed to be able to write about the sport I love to play and share my wonderful experiences with the world. Most of my recent opportunities, actually over 10 years at Osprey Links as a member, have enhanced my 3 foot space and for that I am very grateful.

Mike C getting his foursome to send me support!
I am grateful!

First, Osprey Links is a great place to meet new friends. Over the years I have met many great people who are golfers. Some of these people are considered close friends today and will be in my circle forever. How do I know they are my friends, without prompting they sent me many well-wishes and positive thoughts when I went through my cancer treatments in 2018 and recovery in 2019. They were awesome and they are a perfect example of opportunities to make new friends can happen at the golf course.

Second, the area golf courses, especially Osprey Links and Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort, provide the best opportunity to play as much golf as I like. Although I have a 45 minute commute one way to Osprey Links, I committed to playing there this year. My core golfing friends are there and I can easily play 5 times a week without any problem. Then there is our Men’s Night team; I have high expectations this year for our chances to win more often. Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort is literally 8 minutes from my new house. I can see me spending plenty of time practicing and playing there. Lastly, I plan to play as many courses within a 2 hour drive; the list is long and I will outline them in a later post. Lastly, I am planning to play Seguin Valley in Parry Sound. I went there before I got sick and it is time to make a journey back to see how Darwin Howard has improved the course. Needless to say, all this golf is good for my soul and I look forward to playing lots this year!

Playing golf at Osprey Links Golf Course or any golf course for that matter offers unique opportunities to lower my golf score. Every time I play, I seem to find myself in a situation where I can improve my game. Mostly my learning opportunities deal with course management and who cannot use more of those chances. Every time I hit the links I feel it will provide an opportunity to improve my game and lower my scores.

I feel blessed that I decided to play golf for the first time 40+ years ago. The golf course is a place where many great things have happened in my life and I hope it continues. The opportunities for great things are abound for anyone who wants to go to a golf course, we just need to keep our eyes open. Who knows what can happen.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “When Opportunity Knocks At The Golf Course

  1. Well, opportunity is knocking here and I’m grabbing it. My golf is now free (here) and no tee times are needed so I’ve been taking advantage. I took this past week off after my move and I’ve played 5 rounds so far with at least two more planned for the weekend and a day at the range on Tuesday.

    Another opportunity here I need to check into is the fitness facilities. I’m betting there are more than a few golf specific exercises I can do there. Maybe increase my turn, and get some more power. lol…more power!!

    Opportunities aren’t any good unless we take them. I’m grateful for my new opportunities and for your blog.


    • Kevin

      Sounds like your move work out famously! That is good to hear. Any golf specific fitness program will help, like you said though, we just have to take advantage of the opportunities to make things happen.

      Cheers Jim


  2. You definitely are The Grateful Golfer. It’s a great game for all the reasons you stated plus we get exercise and enjoy being outdoors in beautiful surroundings. I heard that course in Parry Sound is terrific plus I like the name 😁

    Jacques Seguin

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