“It Does Not Matter What Club You Use”

If nothing else happens today, Rory McIlroy’s words of wisdom should be taken to heart by all amateurs. Rory is talking about the crazy long distances at the World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship at Mexico City cause by elevation. Regardless, his interview about knowing your club distances and trusting them is not profound, but a sound piece of advice. I fully support this comments and think every golfer should understand what that means. Take a look!

One of the often overlooked aspects of a professional golfer is their ability to adjust to different playing conditions week to week while on tour. Rory explains that the difference in his 7 iron in one week is 50+ yards is just a number. He has to trust that a certain club travels a certain distance and play to that number. This is an often overlooked characteristic of striking a golf ball. Keeping rigid numbers in our head about club distances can spell disaster on the golf course.

Bottom line, Rory’s advice is to know what the distance each club flies and play to that distance. There are many days where my 7 iron consistently flies 160 yards; however there are days when I struggle to squeeze out 145 yards. This is due to the cold, wind, course conditions, etc. By not accounting for the distances I would be chipping from off the green all day. How frustrating would that be (and it was!)

If you have not done this already, hit the range and figure out the distance each club flies. Not finishes, but flies in the air. This is the critical distance that you need to know. You can adjust your landing position depending on course conditions, but being able to hit a ball in the air to distance will definitely lower your golf scores. Then, as course conditions change you will be able to easily adjust your club selection, which again will result in lower golf scores.

Thanks Rory McIlroy for explaining an important concept so amateurs can understand the importance of playing and trusting the distance of each club. This is a lesson I learned many years ago, however ever once in a while…..

Do you play your club or your distance of the day?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on ““It Does Not Matter What Club You Use”

  1. Jim, I try. Often times it takes a few holes to get adjusted to altered conditions like temperature. You can generally judge the wind fairly well if you play in a lot of wind but the temps are hard. I have never had to adjust for altitude though.



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