Sand Traps And Golf!!!

If you ask any golfer, sand traps can be the bane of our scores. Depending on the depth, ball location, trap location and sand composition, hitting out of a sand trap can be a nightmare. I have played in my share of traps and for the most part I believe that I can get out of them with great success. So, I decided to ask some questions about your views on bunkers starting with the deepest sand trap you ever played. I was amazed at the results!

First, here is the question I asked:

I am a bit surprised at the final answer that received 71% of the responses. I figured that 5 to 6 feet would be the largest category, but alas, I was wrong. I was amazed at some of the responses and the clubs used by many of the respondents. I thought I would show you what some were up against.

The deepest was about 25 feet. Padraig said that it was a mound with a bunker. I mean what kind of architect does something like that; I mean 25 feet…..ouch. I told him that sounded like a ravine, not a bunker.

Others mentioned that their bunkers were almost as deep and as challenging. So, I thought I share some of the pictures sent by some of the respondents:

Jason Gwaltney @XMoralHazardX
Trevor @tak6tak
Norm Devine @NormDevine
Dave Lettieri @djlettieri

As interesting as the pictures were, and thanks to everyone for sending them, the difference in clubs used. The respondents used many variations of wedges and most said that they opened the face. This makes absolute sense when trying extricate your golf ball for some very deep hazards.

Some had to hit out sideways. Others were thrilled to just move the ball forward down the fairway. And some almost made miracle shots by holing out. There was a gambit of results and many I have experienced myself over the years. Sand traps will always be challenge and knowing how to play out these hazards is important for low golf scores.

Sand traps are part of golf. Some of the monsters out there can really pose a challenge for most players. But, apparently there are some players that really get things done:

What is your greatest challenge for getting out bunkers?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Sand Traps And Golf!!!

  1. Hi Jim,
    We have a coupe of bunkers in the 7+ category, but they are small bunkers, the ball is usually very close to the face of the bunker. But what really gets me about sandtraps, especially for the professionals is that the sand is usually always perfectly raked. Taking a three wood out of a sand trap should never be an option. On the other hand you can stripe a beautiful tee shot down the middle of the fairway, and finish up in a deep divot, no relief there.


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    • Pete,

      All you say is true. Fairway bunkers should penalize us a bit, but not so we have to punch out and hitting a 3 wood is far too easy. There should be something in between. As far as divots, that just annoys me more than most things, it is pure laziness of the other golfers not to replace their divot! I hope you are golfing soon, but since you are going into winter, your opportunities might be a bit less.

      Cheers Jim


  2. I’d say my biggest issue with hitting out of bunkers is figuring out the consistency of the bunker’s “sand”. When you play the same course all the time, you get to know how to play things no matter the condition. When you play around different courses all the time, you have to learn those things on the fly more often. Hitting a sand shot from a deep bunker at Belleair Country Club is going to be entirely different than playing a similar bunker in north Georgia or any other part of the world. Even if you play only the best courses you will still experience vast differences. So figuring out how the club will react with whatever is called sand in the bunker is key to knowing how to play the shot. Is it going to skip, slide, or dig. Do I need a flat plane or should I play it more upright and how fast do I have to swing to get the desired result from this particular trap and this particular lie. Read it right, hit with confidence and you probably did really well. But read it wrong, and the hole thing falls apart.

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