Time To Revisit Some Playing Guidelines

About 3 years ago I came up with five things that I believe every golfer should follow or at least be aware of to improve their (and others) enjoyment on the golf course. I am bringing them up again because I believe they are important and should be taught to beginners as a first step towards understanding that golf is more than just hitting a ball into a hole.

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How To Properly Rake a Bunker – A Lesson From The Open

I have covered this topic before, however after playing in unraked bunkers over the past few weeks, I thought it might be nice to revisit this important skill. For the sake of all players, understanding why and how to help maintain a golf course should be part of every players education. So here we go:

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Protecting Your Golf Course

The weather this spring is extremely hard on the my home golf Course of Osprey Links. The maintenance team is working extremely hard to elevate our course into awesome playing condition. As they work diligently to fix the extensive damage, I believe that it is every golfers responsibility to care for the course and help protect it from further damage. There are many ways to help and as a habit, we should adopt all of them!

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Golf Rant: What is That Thing Beside the Bunker?

Many of the regular readers understand that The Grateful Golfer is about positive golf talk. I try to encourage, suggest, recommend the great things about golf when I can. Well today, I was perplexed on the first hole and maybe you can help me out!

Osprey Links hole 1

Osprey Links Hole 1

Today, I was in the second group out. We were on the first hole at Osprey Links Golf Course which is a par 5 dogleg to the right. The turn of the dogleg starts at about 250 yards out off the tee and on the right of this hole is a water hazard and two bunkers guarding the initial turn. This is a great starting hole, but I digress.

As Blair and I made our way down the fairway, the day was starting off great. We were following the first group of 3 players and everything seem as it should. But suddenly, as we made the turn towards the green, I spotted this black think sitting in the grass beside the two bunkers. I was perplexed to see this object just sitting there and started to ponder if it had any real use on the golf course. I was not sure, but I am confident that you, the reader, can help me out! Continue reading