Iron Covers – Yes or No?

Who would have thought that a simple question about iron covers would spark such and interesting conversation. In the past, I have advocated the use of the iron covers, but have slowly edged away from their use. Mostly because, I would wear them out or lose one. They generally lasted one season and then it was time for a new set. I always thought that they made a great Christmas gift, but apparently I was breaking the cool rule for golfers!


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This is from a previous post that sums up my thoughts on iron head covers: “Having said all this, I have received several gifts that I truly love and use.  The first is neoprene iron covers.  I carry my clubs quite a bit and they cut down on the clanking noise of the club heads banging together.  It does not seem like much, but it makes a significant difference to me.  Additionally, I find I have less nicks on my irons by using these unique covers.”

Now, I thought this made sense, but according to the cool cats out there, using iron head covers was a faux pas! 85% of the respondents shout a resounding “NO!” to iron head covers. Who knew that this small gift could stir such a response.

I can appreciate the views expressed during our conversation after the poll started, but not to fly in the face of the crowd, I am not convinced that these small protective devices are as all bad as we think. Here are a couple of my favorite responses:

Other responses include only using iron covers when travelling or a big “NO” from a caddie (it was a pain for them when working). What I found interesting is that the only other reason (except for caddies) for not using the iron head covers was they were not cool. I am not sure that is a legit reason to not use them, but I have heard crazier reasons for not using some golf stuff.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the poll and ensuing conversation. It was a great way to pass the time. I look forward to more exciting talks on golf in the near future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Iron Covers – Yes or No?

  1. How interesting that this should cause such strong opinions! I use head covers on all my clubs including irons and wedges and it matters to me not a jot whether that is considered cool or otherwise. (1) I dislike lots of clanking noises when on the move (2) I like to protect what is a significant investment (3) perhaps most importantly, the headcover removal and replacement is an integral part of my pre and post shot routine. I vote yes and don’t care if I’m deeply uncool. Cheers, Rob.

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