Stop Helping Your Chip, It Is Hurting Your Score

Chipping is a fundamental skill that all golfers must master. It is one what requires patience, imagination and confidence in order to develop the chipping stroke needed to lower your golf score. All to often, amateurs, like myself, forget to trust in our technique and try to help our chip get just a bit closer to the hole. Unfortunately, the only thing that happens is we stub or blade our chip resulting in grind to make par or bogey. Helping any golf shot usually results in poor execution, but when chipping it seems to create worse results.

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Taking Golf All In Stride

When and where is the tipping point in our golf game? You know, that point where all our hard work pays off and we can move on to improving / acquiring a different skill. It is like walking up stairs and each step is a new skill. Our game plateaus for a time until we decide to focus our improvement on a different skill. I guess this is true for all learned skills, but more prevalent in golf.

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Chipping With One Eye

Have you ever tried chipping with one eye? Or, as a matter of fact, doing something completely different than what you normally do? It really is a challenge to break muscle memory, but the experiment is worth the effort. For many serious golfers (yes I am talking to you Kevin, Josh, Rick, Brian, Mike, Zeb, Blair, Jeff, Skip, Mac….okay, I will stop now because you get my point) trying something new is an important step to improvement. And chipping with one eye is something that everyone should try.

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