Taking Golf All In Stride

When and where is the tipping point in our golf game? You know, that point where all our hard work pays off and we can move on to improving / acquiring a different skill. It is like walking up stairs and each step is a new skill. Our game plateaus for a time until we decide to focus our improvement on a different skill. I guess this is true for all learned skills, but more prevalent in golf.

As you are aware from previous posts, I try to set a few goals in which to focus my improvement for each year. It helps me stay focused and separate the wheat from the chaff. This year is no different, however I have plateaued on one skill and it is now time to focus on another.

Improving my GIR.

The skill I feel I have taken as far as I can at this time is getting off the tee. My new Calloway Rogue driver has helped, but I am hitting other shots off the tee consistently as well. I track my stats and I am hitting the fairway 80% of the time and this stat does not include shots into par 3s. And important to note is that my misses are not bad and I have a regular shot about 10% of the time. Regardless, this is a very strong stat and as such I feel I can move on to something different.

Conversely, I my ‘greens in regulation’ or GIR is only at 59%; this does include par 3s. I feel that the amount of times I am in the fairway, this stat should be higher. I am thinking around 75% is a realistic stat given that I am playing to a 5.0 handicap index. For some reason, I have not been able to crack this nut and now it is time to focus on hitting my 6 iron and below with more consistency. I think I understand why my GIR is not to the point I want, but I will have to do some investigation to make sure; it is all in the improvement process.

There is a domino affect with improving my GIR. By improving the skills needed to lower my GIR, it will affect my putting, chipping, and course management. However, I will worry about those later. One step at a time in this case.

I am not fussed by my poor GIR stat at this time. I am on to the next rung of my improvement process and will take all the ups and downs of my in stride. Golf is a long-haul sport that requires patience and focus to improve. Yes, there ares some natural players, but they are few and far between. I am looking forward on improving my GIR stat. Stay tuned and I will tell you how my journey unfolded.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Taking Golf All In Stride

  1. Hey Jim,

    I’m curious what has triggered the increased confidence off the tee, leading to your impressive stats? Have you been working on something in particular or is it more of a mindset/confidence thing for you?

    I love the lofty goal for GIR. The GIR leader for the season on the PGA Tour right now is at 72.93%, albeit they do play tougher courses!



    • Josh,

      Actually, I have generally been a good player off the tee, but this year my new confidence increased because I adopted the aim small miss small approach, then swing keeping my head still. The ball jumped off my club and went straight. It happened once and I continued using this approach and my shots off the tee slowing improved until now, I am most confident with my driver, next to my putter. It was a slow process, but I have never wavered from my early success. Confidence just grew! Hope this helps.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. You mention your GIR stat, but not where you end up on those missed greens. Do you track whether you miss more right, left, short, or long? Mine are two way misses right and left at present because of working on trying to bring a draw shot back into my game. I sometimes put a little draw on the ball when trying to hit it straight and end up left, and I sometimes push out and don’t get the face closed enough to get the draw when trying to hit the draw and end of right. But I am not concerned over it as I feel that is to be expected until I gain more consistency with trying to have all three shot types (straight, draw, and fade) at my disposal.

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    • Kevin,

      My misses are short or left. Mostly short. I have lost a full club distance and I am not sure why; so it is range time for me. The left miss is because I am pulling too hard to get the distance that I am missing. It will all come around shortly…..I hope.

      Cheers Jim


      • I’m sure you will figure it out. Playing alone so often makes it a little more difficult sometimes, but my go to tool for helping me decide where a breakdown is occurring is my phone’s camera. A quick movie of my swing tells me so much more than my “feel” does. Since I generally get a 9 hole warm up in before beginning my round, even alone, it’s not too hard to get a swing video or two taken before beginning my round when I feel like I’m just not right on a given day.


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