Flipping or Casting My Irons

Golf is a poetic game that requires fluid movement to hit the perfect golf ball. To see the perfect ball flight, hear solid contact, or feel the effortless body movements is something that you will know it when you hear, see, or feel it. I understand this concept, however lately my irons (all of them) are not as ‘perfect’ as I want and as a result I am hitting the ball shorter and to the left on approach shots. It is a bit frustrating, however I understand my shortcomings and now it is time for fix this new challenge.

As I mention to Kevin in previous comments, I am hitting my ball short and left. Short because I am losing distance and left because I am trying to muscle my irons to regain that distance. Regardless, neither is acceptable and I need to do something about it.

One of my many challenges is that I cast or flip my club early. I do this especially when trying to hit the ball hard and to put that little bit extra into my swing. Well, we all know that this is a recipe for disaster. I found this video that describes what I think is happening:

Now, it is time to check out if I really am casting or flipping my golf club.

What I like about the video is the explanation of flipping the club to make solid contact. I see this in many players and it is a challenge to explain to them this swing error. Many do now want to change and are happy with their game and that is okay as well. Me, I want to get back to hitting solid irons (from my perspective) and hopefully improve my greens in regulation stat!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Flipping or Casting My Irons

  1. Hi Jim,
    my golf swing has gone south for the winter, I am hoping it is just the many layers of clothing I have to wear are getting in the way. Liked the video, and will work on things when it finally warms up a bit. These old bones and muscles do work so well in colder temperatures.


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  2. Jim, I battle that flip as well and it manifests itself as a pull-hook in my game. It is the toughest nut to crack in golf – IMO. It’s basically a sequencing problem when your lower body doesn’t initiate the downswing. When I work with my instructor on this, we’ve had the best results using an exaggerated fix. I try to hold my backswing at the top for a count of “one-two”. Seems like forever, but allows me to start the swing from the ground up.

    Good luck working it out!



    • I haven’t tried that in a long, long time, but I used to do that hold at the top too. I had such good results with it that I even used it while playing sometimes instead of just on the range. One was hold, two was extend, and three was go.

      Thankfully, I never had the pull hook problem. Not that I never hit one, they just were very rare, but I went the other way for an entire year and had to aim a full 8-10 degrees right the ball turned so much.

      It’s coming up on three years now I guess since I got rid of it and it still scares me to bring the draw shot back into my game though I am working on it again. You’re doing it right. Working with your pro is smart. I tried to solve it my own and everything I tried just made it worse until I stopped being so hard headed and took a lesson.

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      • Kevin, I hit rock bottom a couple years ago with my “flip” and went for professional assistance. Best thing I’ve ever done for my game. He’s very consistent in his message and it helps to understand your fault and what you’re trying to solve for.




  3. There are so many possible causes for casting. For me, it usually happens when I try and control things too much. I start gripping too tight. So I have to both loosen up my grip and try and stop thinking so much and get back to just playing to get my swing back in gear. I’m sure you will figure out what causes it for you. One suggestion I can make though other than watching a video of your swing so you can see what you are doing is to take a few practice swings where you keep your wrists loose and don’t set them at all until you get to the top and transition. It will feel totally uncontrollable, but it does give you a great feel for having the club lagging far behind your hands. That’s something I only do once or twice before starting my real practice. I can’t find the video that suggested that right now, but over exaggerations like that have been a great help to me.


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