Making Solid Iron Contact

This article is a follow on from a previous article called Making Solid Contact With Irons. The reason for revisiting this very important topic is because I spent many years chasing the proper ball position to set up great iron contact. It is an important skill that all amateurs should know and hone. It will save a great deal of frustration by knowing and understanding where to contact the ball with your irons.

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Flipping or Casting My Irons

Golf is a poetic game that requires fluid movement to hit the perfect golf ball. To see the perfect ball flight, hear solid contact, or feel the effortless body movements is something that you will know it when you hear, see, or feel it. I understand this concept, however lately my irons (all of them) are not as ‘perfect’ as I want and as a result I am hitting the ball shorter and to the left on approach shots. It is a bit frustrating, however I understand my shortcomings and now it is time for fix this new challenge.

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Hitting Awesome Iron Shots

To be a great golfer, hitting iron shots is critical. Next to the putter, we use our irons the most and understanding the four concepts of hitting great shots is important. I recently came across a short video by David Leadbetter that sums up the four areas that we as amateurs need to work on to improve our iron play.  Continue reading