Hitting Awesome Iron Shots

To be a great golfer, hitting iron shots is critical. Next to the putter, we use our irons the most and understanding the four concepts of hitting great shots is important. I recently came across a short video by David Leadbetter that sums up the four areas that we as amateurs need to work on to improve our iron play. 

I found this video very helpful because it provides an overview of 4 important aspects of hitting irons. The one I struggle with the most is his first point. Have a look:

When I play, I sometimes move my ball up in my stance and as a result, take a very poor divot. It is sometimes too shallow or I have started my turn so my ball is pulled left. I know this is an issue in my game and I work on ball position every time at the range. Interestingly, when my ball is in the right position before contact, it feels too far back in my stance. This is a mental issue and something I continue to struggle with all the time. The following video by AskGolfGuru explains about hitting the ball first and provides a quick drill on how to improve our ball striking:

I know when I am playing my best, I am hitting the ball first with my irons. My ball flight is high and I increase my distance. When I get back to playing, this is one area I will focus on to ensure the low point of my swing happens after the ball!

When hitting your irons, does your low point happen after or before your golf ball?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Hitting Awesome Iron Shots

  1. Jim, great video that covers all the keys. From my perspective, his points on covering the ball with your chest and full extension are the most important, are the most difficult to achieve, and are what sets apart pros from amateurs. Eliminating the flip with the hands and collapse of the arms on the follow through are what I’m constantly working on.
    My iron play is the area that requires the most attention and the biggest opportunity for improvement.


    • Brian

      We are on the same page. Leadbetter hit the highlights for sure. I like the fact that he provide an overview and did not go into crazy detail. Start with larger concelpts then work down into the details! I hope your iron play improves over the summer.

      Cheers Jim


  2. I noticed in my swing years ago that the low point in my divot was about where the ball had sat. My divot was 6 inches or so long so my contact with the ground was three inches early. I was swinging too much down on the ball. Fat shots left deep divots and came too often. My first instinct was wrong. I tried moving the ball back a bit. That just made it worse.

    Today, I draw a line in a sandy patch in the backyard, set up with the line in the middle of my stance and practice my swing with no ball. I just try to make contact with the ground at or just after the line. That has helped me a lot. I also switched my aiming point with my eyes from the back of the ball to the front. Together, those two things have me hitting ball first a lot more often and when I do hit ground first, it’s usually no more than an inch before the ball. Fat shots are much less frequent now and aren’t quite as bad as before.


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