Witnessing A Hole in One

Golfers always talk about their own holes in one. It is generally a positive topic of conversation especially if you have one and can recount your amazing feat. However, the question I rarely hear asked is how many holes-in-one have you seen. Discounting TV of course, this question is a tough one for most players. I would suspect that very few players have actually saw a hole in one outside of their own. 

Not counting my own holes-in-one, I have witnessed 3 others. The first was a sculled 5 iron that rolled 180 yards into the hole. The second flew right in the cup from 123 yards and the last was my mother’s 120 yard beauty. All of these spectacular shots elicited  a great response from all the witnesses and high fives all around.

I love witnessing a hole in one. Of all the rounds of golf I have played, I think I have watched a dozen balls or so that looked like they were going in the hole. These shots also had us on edge with anticipation. The disappointment of the ball not dropping in the cup was just as intense, but that is the nature of the game.

Recently, I felt the disappointment of not watching a hole in one. My friend Blair shot a hole in one on Wednesday. I was at home when I received a text from him around 1 pm telling me about his amazing shot. He hit a 7 iron 160 yards on the 17th hole. His hole-in-one was the first on the 17th hole at Osprey Links all year. It was his second and I did not see his first either.

I want to wish Blair congratulations on his second hole-in-one of his career. I also want to ask him to wait before shooting his third so I can be there to witness it! 😉

Have you ever witnessed someone else’s hole-in-one?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Witnessing A Hole in One

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  2. Way to go Blair!

    Other than my own, I watched my youngest brother get one while we played with our father one day at Chi Chi’s course in Clearwater, FL about a year after I got mine. That’s also the same course I got mine on and the 2 par 3 holes are even within sight of each other on the back 9. That’s a day we don’t let our dad forget. My brother got the hole in one. My ball came up short in the trap and I holed out from there. And Dad landed on the green and three putted in. So instead of 1,2,3, we went 1,2,4 and we don’t ever let him forget it. 😂


  3. Jim, had two and witnessed two others. My biggest thrill was when I was camped out on #7 green at Congressional at the Kemper Open; must have been late 1980’s, and saw Jack Nicklaus lip out a hole in one attempt. The place was going nuts!


  4. Hey Jim, I have not had a hole-in-one yet, but I have witnessed 2 of them back to back from the same person! I was in a company golf tournament at our local clubs (Pine Hills Golf Club, Rocky Mountain House, AB). One of our owners was raising money for our local hospital by offering to hit your tee-shot for you. He hit the first hole-in-one, and then teed up for the next person and hit the second one right after the first. It was amazing and super exciting to witness. ❤️⛳️


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