Golf Has Magical Powers of Healing

A short while ago, I wrote a segment on if you had shot or had witnessed a hole in one. It garnered some great stories about how, where, and when players made their miraculous shot. Some have several, while most still search. My Mom had four holes-in-one. This response just came in and it is from a dear friend of my Mom. Mom left us in 2011, but her passion for golf stills drives me to excel at this wonderful game.

First I want to thank Irene for dropping in this wonderful response and of course the pictures. The one of my Mom is especially special:

Dean, Sue, Irene, and Helen

I wanted to comment on the Hole In One segment, but wasn’t sure how to submit my comment Jim. I had a Hole In One during the Ladies Club Championship in Cold Lake in my second year of golfing. You would be familiar with some of the names of my partners that day. Helen, Sue and Dean. Your mother was in another flight. Helen was your Mother’s best friend. A few years later I was with another lady, who got one up there, then I witnessed another the second year I arrived here. When your Mom

The Ladies toasting my Mom!

was living down here she and I were with a friend when the friend got a  hole in one,I was four inches from the hole and got my two,your Mom chipped on the green then putted for her par. Last year that same friend got another hole in one on the same hole and I was with her again! We toasted your Mom as we sat outside having our beer. The lady standing in the last picture is the friend who was with Lorraine and I. You will see your Mom in the third picture of course, sigh, I miss her very much Jim. Bless you.

The last picture is of my Mom and Irene. I have never seen it before, but it is already very special to me.

Mom (Lorraine) and Irene

This response from a dear friend of the family is very touching. As I continue down my journey of recovery, I am uplifted by the blessing of Irene taking the time to send me a note that made my week. This positive note has as much healing power as any medicine.

Golf is a sport, but it is also a way to connect. It is a contact sport and this is a perfect example where, having only met a few times in our lives, Irene was able to reach out and bring joy and happiness to someone far away. I guess if I ever wonder why I write so much about golf, this is one of the top reasons!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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