Controlling The Clubface Through Impact

Looking back at my 2021 golf season, I found that I had rounds where I struggled to control my ball flight. This error was generally traced back to the position of my clubface during impact. I know this because my misses are generally left (or way left sometimes) and when I look at my clubface afterwards, I found that it was closed. This challenge would come and go during my rounds and I often wondered what was the cause. Well, I think I found out my error and I thought it was worth sharing.

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How to Hit the Short Side Chip Shot

If you ever find out, please let me know! Okay, I am just kidding because I think I have finally found the technique that works for my game. I say ‘my game’ because what works for me may not work for you. So, I offer this information in the hopes that you find something valuable you can use to improve your short side chipping. It really is not difficult, but trusting (there is that word again) your swing is so very important. Let us begin.

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Flipping or Casting My Irons

Golf is a poetic game that requires fluid movement to hit the perfect golf ball. To see the perfect ball flight, hear solid contact, or feel the effortless body movements is something that you will know it when you hear, see, or feel it. I understand this concept, however lately my irons (all of them) are not as ‘perfect’ as I want and as a result I am hitting the ball shorter and to the left on approach shots. It is a bit frustrating, however I understand my shortcomings and now it is time for fix this new challenge.

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Can You Hit a Golf Ball With Your Eyes Closed?

Swinging with my eyes closed.

Have you ever tried to hit a golf ball with your eyes closed? This might seem like a crazy question, but there is great value in trying. I tried this very thing two years ago and I can tell you that the first attempt was anything but successful. I did make contact, but the results were well below my expectations.

At the time, my game was in the toilet. I was at a loss on what to do next and considered taking a week or two off, but then something happened on the range to lead to a break through.

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Golf Tip – Shaft Bump Drill

Pete Robbins from White Dragon Golf passed on this great drill by Jim McLean. It ties in with yesterday’s post on making solid contact. As Jim McLean indicates, he is not the inventor of the drill, but explains how your hips sliding forward at the beginning of your golf swing leads to solid contact.

The Shaft Bump Drill is simple, easy to duplicate and gives immediate feedback. Check it out:

Shaft Bump Drill demonstrated by Jim McLean

Unfortunately, I will not be able to hit the range or links for a few months, but if anyone has used this drill, we would all appreciate your thoughts.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!