What Is Your Biggest Golf Mistake

If you ever analyzed your golf game, I am confident that you could find several areas of success with an equal amount of areas for improvement. This is the natural order of things even at the professional level. I am equally confident that each player understands that they have on area (known or not) that would be consider their biggest mistake. I know I have one and to be fair, it has changed over the years as I addressed my shortcoming. However, there is one mistake that continues to follow me even today. I am aware of it, but somedays I cannot prevent it from rear its ugly head!

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Area Of Focus: Right Elbow

I decided to look back at old video’s of my swing to see if anything as changed over the years. I do not have many videos, but my YouTube Channel (The Grateful Golfer) has three that I used that may help sharpen my focus for possible swing changes during the off-season. Well, from what I can see, I need to focus on my right elbow.

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Flipping or Casting My Irons

Golf is a poetic game that requires fluid movement to hit the perfect golf ball. To see the perfect ball flight, hear solid contact, or feel the effortless body movements is something that you will know it when you hear, see, or feel it. I understand this concept, however lately my irons (all of them) are not as ‘perfect’ as I want and as a result I am hitting the ball shorter and to the left on approach shots. It is a bit frustrating, however I understand my shortcomings and now it is time for fix this new challenge.

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But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This!

Man, how I hate this statement. I am not a person who seeks change for change sake, yet I am not a person to sit back and let inefficiency rule the day. At work, the statement “But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This” is said when people resistant to change (or do not know a better way) are challenged on any specific process and do not know why they follow the process. Additionally, they are not interested in changing because it is easier to keep doing things the old way whether it makes sense or not.

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