But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This!

Man, how I hate this statement. I am not a person who seeks change for change sake, yet I am not a person to sit back and let inefficiency rule the day. At work, the statement “But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This” is said when people resistant to change (or do not know a better way) are challenged on any specific process and do not know why they follow the process. Additionally, they are not interested in changing because it is easier to keep doing things the old way whether it makes sense or not.

Well, this situation also applies when we examine our golf game. Many espouse the above statement and as a result, never really find any positive change in their game. 

After years of always doing things in a particular manner, I have come to realize that the lack of knowledge is the real show stopper. I have heard that people are fundamentally resistant to change; I am not convinced this is the case in golf. I believe that if they are shown a more logical and effective way to improve, most embrace the opportunity. The trick is sticking with the change long enough for it produce positive results.

Improving the game is exactly that; finding a better way and sticking with it long enough to produce consistently lower golf scores. It is the second stage of the improvement process that trips up most golfers. They will try something for a short time and if they do not produce the expected results and then revert back to what they know. This cycle of failure is not uncommon and I have experienced it myself over the years.

At this time, I have a small casting problem on my downswing. I realized it after watching some video of myself and receiving positive feedback from Kevin and Brian (avid contributors to The Grateful Golfer). Although I knew this was an issue before, they helped reinforce my suspicions through unbiased feedback. So, I now have a specific goal to work on in the spring.

I have a pretty solid golf swing or so I am told. However, I need to make this change to increase my distance off the tee if I want to go to the next level in my golf game. I have drop the “But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This” when I get frustrated and get down to the business of positive change. It is a matter of choice and I choose to stop casting.

Do you sometimes fall into the “But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This” rut?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This!

  1. Hi Jim,
    I have always tried new things and different ways of doing things, not just in golf. Am currently trying out a small change in my swing. it works OK on some days and not others, so the jury is still out on wether I stick with it or not.
    Merry Christmas

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  2. Jim, for long time players committed to change, the hardest part after making the change is breaking the old habits that want to creep back in. When you are working the change and hit a good one, hold on tight to that nugget! You will need it when battling the recurring habits. Congrats on taking the positive first step!


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  3. Never. It only took beating me over the head to get me to change how I grip the club. Thankfully (for my head and my game), I’ve been a lot less resistant since. lol

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      • I saw this video today from the top speed golf system. Thought it may be helpful in your sesrch for more distance. The only thing it doesn’t mention is laying off a little as you transition into the downswing to help keep from casting which I saw them talk about in another of their videos.

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