The Unofficial 2019 New Rules Test

The new rules are almost upon us and I came across a video that will see if you are ready for the new changes. It is, of course, unofficial but lots of fun. So, take a look at this 30 second video and see how many of the 2016 rules are broken. I am interested to hear what you have to say. I will post the your answers after Christmas.

How many 2016 rules did he break? Can you name them? Bonus question, how many strokes does he save under the 2019 rules?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links?

3 thoughts on “The Unofficial 2019 New Rules Test

  1. Well, I see two strokes penalty for playing a different ball on the hole (that is an assumption because I can’t see it well enough to be sure it’s a ball). I don’t think that rule has changed.

    He double hit it with this chip which would be 1 stroke before 2019 but not next year.

    Dropped his new ball from knee height which used to a 1 stroke penalty.

    Hitting the ball on the green by accident when taking his stance was not a penalty as the ball was not in play yet. (local rule from last year)

    And a 2 stroke penalty would have been given for hitting the flag stick with his putt.

    So he saved 4 strokes and took 2.

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