What Is Your Biggest Golf Mistake

If you ever analyzed your golf game, I am confident that you could find several areas of success with an equal amount of areas for improvement. This is the natural order of things even at the professional level. I am equally confident that each player understands that they have on area (known or not) that would be consider their biggest mistake. I know I have one and to be fair, it has changed over the years as I addressed my shortcoming. However, there is one mistake that continues to follow me even today. I am aware of it, but somedays I cannot prevent it from rear its ugly head!

My biggest swing mistake is that I have a tendency to cast. I release my wrists early in attempts to hit the ball farther, but in reality the opposite happens. I either hit the ball high or I pull the ball left. In both cases my casting prevents my lower body from being fully engaged in my swing. Thus, I lose distance and accuracy; both of which I have zero to spare. For further explanation of casting take a look at this video below:

Back in July, I wrote an article about the successes I was having with my driver. The article titled Finding Success With My Driver talks about set up adjustments I made to my address. After thinking about how well I hit the ball this year off the tee, I realized that my mistake of casting was less prevalent than in years past. The reason was that I had actually slowed my downswing (at least the initial stages) slightly. It was just enough of a change help my lower body engage more and prevent any casting from showing up.

I am not an expert to be able you how to prevent casting, so I found a video by Nick Faldo that might help.

As I said earlier, I have had many swing mistakes over the years, but casting seems to the persistent one. I will always be aware of my main shortcoming (and others of course), but I will never stop trying to eliminate my biggest golf mistake.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “What Is Your Biggest Golf Mistake

  1. Yep. The number one reason we cast is we try and take too long a swing. The same thing is the major cause of hitting somewhere other than center face.

    For me, to control casting best, I can’t allow my lead arm to rise past about 10:30 in the backswing. That’s the point where my body starts breaking down. My lead arm bends and I end up casting to, I don’t know, catch up I guess.

    What I know for sure is if I think 10 o’clock swing I don’t cast and I make better connection. And I hit the ball farther more often than if I think full swing.

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  2. Like you Jim my big mistake is also casting. For me it starts with trying to hit the ball hard with poor tempo. We just have to talk ourselves into a calm, powerful swing without lashing at it.

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  3. Jim, the cast is a tough nut to crack and is at the center of my big miss as well. You are right that a slight pause before the downswing helps to better sequence. I’ve found on occasion that keeping very soft grip pressure does as well.

    Got your DIY up and running yet?


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    • Brian

      A softer grip makes sense. An no, I do not have my DIY net up yet. I generally wait until after Christmas. Right now, I am taking the time to prepare for winter by betting everything ready. It takes a quite a bit of time and then I snuggle in for a long winters nap. About the first of January I start to get the itch. Also, I will give me time to physically get over some nagging injuries before I start again. How did you game go yesterday?

      Cheers Jim

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  4. The space between my ears still generates more lost shots than any swing flaw(s) I have.

    The swing itself feels like I’m on the right track and just need a bit more time to “burn it in” and get better muscle memory. Especially concerning the turn. I over do it and I under do it still occasionally and that brings the 2 way miss into play more than I’d like, but when I get it right it’s really right lately and I’m pin seeking with every club in the bag right now. My last shot tonight was a 4 iron that stopped about a quarter turn short of falling in. I hit at least 5 four wood shots this week that never left the flag and only once out of more than 20 went in big trouble (big pull OB). And my worst pitching wedge today went long but the pitch mark was 6 inches left of the hole. I’m feeling like I’m on the right track for sure.

    I’m also stiff and sore. 6 rounds in 7 days takes a toll. 😂

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    • Kevin,

      Sounds like your game is reaching new levels for sure. That is always a good thing. The trick not is sustain and refine. As far as playing 4 rounds in 7 days, I get it, but I have not swung a club in a month, so……

      Cheers Jim


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