Playing Golf With New Friends

Playing golf with friends is always fun. Playing golf with new friends is something I thoroughly enjoy and yesterday I had a chance to expand my circle of grateful golfers. My wife is from a small town in Ontario and recently reconnected with an old friend, Michele. Little did I know I would be the beneficiary of this re-connection as I was invited to golf with her husband Jacques. He brought his brother Gilles and an old mutual friend Glen who I knew from years ago. We decided to meet at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort for a quick round and to take the chance to get to know each other.

The Mattawa golf course is a 9 hole track that offered me an opportunity to score low if I only stayed focused. Well, I did stay focused and shot a very respectable 3 over for the day. But, my success on the course was secondary playing golf with three new friends.

Jacques is Michelle’s husband. He is new to golf and was open to many suggestions. He fosters a great passion for the game genuinely seeks ways to improve all the time. The best part is that he likes to practice and is willing to try new things to improve his game. I offered him some advice, but I think he will succeed by following his current path of working with his local pro and to practice, practice, practice.

Gilles is Jacque’s younger brother. His game is more refined. He is a solid ball striker with the potential to score very well. We discussed many aspects of his game and I offered a few putting tips that he quickly adopted and made great strides as the round progressed.

Glen is an old friend who I had not seen in years. It was great to catch up with Glen and talk about mutual friends. He made some great shots and asked a few questions about weight distribution that will help him moving forward.

Although we talked lots of golf, it was secondary to meeting new friends on the golf course. Jacques, Gilles and Glen were great to talk to, on a variety of topics. They are gentlemen through and through and playing golf with them yesterday was a complete pleasure.

Meeting new friends on the golf course is always fun. It is a contact sport that affords us the opportunity to expand our network of friends. Life is full of many opportunities and meeting new people to connect with on the golf course is one experience I enjoy.

Thanks Jacques, Gilles, and Glen for a fantastic round of golf yesterday and I look forward to playing another round in the future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Playing Golf With New Friends

  1. Jim, it was great to spend some time together with a great golfer and more importantly, a great guy. Thanks so much for your helpful tips and after my return trip from Mattawa this morning, I stopped by the club to hit some balls. The wider stance sure helped me straighten out my drives and reduce the slice plus it kept my front foot down for a far more controlled swing. I look forward to hosting you at my club for another round which I know will be enjoyable and educational!

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