Making Learning Golf Fun for Kids

Over the many years that I have been involved in coaching, there is one common denominator for every sport. If we do not make the game fun, kids will find something else to do with their time. As an athlete, I was the same way and actually still am; if it is not fun, why play? Golf is especially challenging because of the time commitment, cost, and the number of movements involved in one swing. Additionally, success is not always guaranteed, so all the more reason to make golf fun.

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Early Season Focus: Improving My GIR

Early in each year, I like to find an area of my game to focus upon in order to have build the foundation for success. I have to admit, improving my GIR is rooted in last year’s goals and I want to continue to improve lowering my golf scores. Additionally, I have discussed this statistic with Brian Penn from All About Golf and we both agree that increasing our GIR percentage should be at the forefront of most golfers goals. Hence, GIR is my early season focus!

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Throwing Course Management Out The Window

Who needs course management? Is it really an important part of anyone’s golf game? The short answer to both of those is YES! Course management is very important to my golf game and I use it as much as possible when looping the track. If this is the case, why would I ever consider throwing it out the window and revert to an iffy way of playing golf? That is a great question and there is only one answer!

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Using a Full Turn to Generate Swing Speed

This is a topic of great interest to me because I sometimes forget to make a full turn with my shorter clubs. It seems that my arms decide to take over and I have a mental struggle to regain control. The result of this battle generally results in hitting short on approach shots! It is very frustrating and something I on over the winter.

Making a full turn.

The above picture shows that when focused on turning, I can make it happen. This action shot catches me in motion and everything looks to be in the right position. The results of this shot was 220 yards down the right side of the fairway. My ball flight was straight as an arrow and set our team up for an easy birdie.

Turning under control is a skill I worked on over the years because I appreciate its importance. However, to be able to make a full turn effortlessly, I will have to focus on my flexibility in the offseason. It is something I have let slide and need to rectify.

Making a full turn helps with increased distance, improve contact, and swing tempo. It does take effort and I plan on using my orange whip training aid more in the coming months to improve this skill.

Do you make a full turn when hitting for distance?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!