Throwing Course Management Out The Window

Who needs course management? Is it really an important part of anyone’s golf game? The short answer to both of those is YES! Course management is very important to my golf game and I use it as much as possible when looping the track. If this is the case, why would I ever consider throwing it out the window and revert to an iffy way of playing golf? That is a great question and there is only one answer!

The only reason I would not focus on course management is happening right now. I am test driving my new Mizuno MP 20 irons and hybrids.

It is during this time that I want to hit all my new clubs under playing conditions. So, I hit clubs during opportunities where course management suggests that I hit differently. For example:

On the par 5, 16th hole at Osprey Links the second shot is usually a tight one. Rarely do have enough club to go for the green, so I traditionally hit a 7 or 8 iron to around 100 yards. However, over the past few rounds I have hit a 3 and 4 hybrid to finish about 30 yards from the green. I wanted to see how these clubs work in this situation. They worked out well, but in the future I will revert back to a more course management style of club selection because of the risk/reward ratio.

One important aspect of my current approach to my golf game is that I am getting a feel for how far I hit the ball with each club. With the driving ranges just opening and me receiving my new sticks just before opening day, I did not have the opportunity to establish my distances with each club. This is happening now and I am happy to say that I am a bit farther (couple of yards or so) but with a higher and more controlled ball flight. This is definitely a good thing!

I have used other clubs for approach shots and off the tee so I can get an overall feel for my new sticks. So, far my non-reliance on course management has not hurt my scores (not that really matters at this time), nor has it forced me to second guess my decision making. Right now it is all about hitting my new clubs and getting comfortable to their feel.

I am not sure when course management will become prevalent to my game again, but I am sure it is in the not to distant future. Sometimes, we have to break from tradition to try something new or develop something better. And test driving my new clubs is definitely the time to do it.

Do you ever through course management out the window?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Throwing Course Management Out The Window

  1. Hi JIm,
    read your article, and enjoyed it. In answer to your poll question my wife and I bought new clubs about two years ago. While travelling in the States we played at various courses, and one of them gave us both new sets of Taylormade irons as rentals. We both played so well with them that we decided to purchase some.Could not do this until we had returned to NZ, the weights for baggage for international travel would not allow for two sets of clubs.


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  2. Hi Jim,
    congratulations on getting your new clubs, and trust they work well for you in your quest to scratch. I have one question, how did you decide that Mizuno would be the best clubs for you?


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