Posting My 2020 Golf Scores To Golf Canada

As we know, COVID-19 has modified how we play golf for the time being. Social distancing is really not a challenge on the golf course, but some of the new rules for putting makes it easier to score. Regardless of the changes, I have decided to submit my scores following the current Golf Canada COVID-19 playing guidelines.

Hit the noodle to score.

At Osprey Links, they have adopted the noodle at the bottom of the cup (for now) where a player only has to hit the noodle to be considered in the hole. Of course this is an easier way to play because just brushing the noodle counts. Additionally, we can be more aggressive on our putts because if it hits the noodle bounces off by 3 feet, it is still considered in the hole. Now, before you set your hair on fire and start calling me names, I have several reasons why I decided to post my scores.

First, I still have to hit the ball to the green as per normal rounds. I am a fairly solid ball striker and with my new Mizuno HP 20 irons I am hitting better approach shots than in the past. Hence, my GIR has increased, so my game is in better shape for this time of the year than ever before. I think it is important to capture this improvement moving forward.

Second, my putting is generally a strong point of my game. The noodle does offer an advantage, but I rarely charge the cup enough to miss by more than a foot or two, especially on lag putts. Additionally, I do not miss many three foot putts either, so the noodle does not really offer the advantage that other players may gain. Bottom line is that I still have to hit the noodle (hole) to score. So, I do not feel that the noodle really gives me a great advantage to shoot lower golf scores.

Lastly, the rules/guidelines from Golf Canada are our new normal…..for now. This means that all golfers should be playing under the same rules. If we are, then if everyone posts their score so all things should be equal.

Keeping all this in mind, I figure I should support Golf Canada’s efforts to sustain as much normalcy as possible. In the big scheme of things, the new guidelines/rules will not raise or lower my handicap to any major degree. I entered my last four 9-hole rounds (38, 35, 39 and 34 – par 35). It lowered my handicap index by 0.1. So, given that there really is no paradigm shift right now, I am comfortable supporting Golf Canada by posting all my golf scores this year.

Will you enter your golf scores under the new Golf Canada / USGA / R&A rules/guidelines?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Posting My 2020 Golf Scores To Golf Canada

  1. Jim, my club has flipped flag stick holders upside down in the cups to allow us to sink putts in a normal fashion. The ball rests just below the surface, so I can count these scores. The muni circuit that I usually play about 50% of my rounds on is using noodles. Not sure what to do about posting. I’m thinking of just playing all my rounds at my club until the conditions are equalized. Will figure something out.



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  2. To anyone who would complain, I would explain that under the current PGA guidelines, those scores count. So not recording them would leave you open to an accusation of sandbagging. If you are planning on playing in any tournaments this season and care about representing your abilities fairly, you should be recording those scores and so should the rest of the field.

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      • By the way, I haven’t seen anyone use the foam noodles like your picture shows. Everywhere I’ve seen here that is using them cut them lower so you can sink the putt, but not have to reach into the hole to retrieve it. That works like what Brian describes where they put the flag holder upside down. We have courses doing that here too, but it comes with the issue of the ball sometimes bouncing back out. I like the noodle better. Here at my home course, they just don’t sink the flag all the way in and don’t even have the flags in the holes at all. So you have to get your aim point from the 2 inches of cup sticking out above the ground. And I swear the “holes” look bigger when they’re above ground like that. lol

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