Golfing in 2020 – Accepting Changes

Golf season is back and I have played three times in three days with the fourth being today. This year started like no other and looks to continue for some time. I know that the team at Osprey Links are working diligently to make our golfing experiences the best they can be and for that I am grateful. However, after playing three times, I can tell you that very little of our experiences will be considered normal or routine. However, I accept that and will move on with trying to be a better player.

Currently, only the back 9 is open. The golf course experienced a tough winter that caused a great deal of damage due to the weather changes. Additionally, the spring growing season is delayed by two weeks and we are now just experiencing warm enough weather to see changes at the course. The leaves have not sprouted yet, hence we are at least two weeks late with respect to weather. No one can do anything about the weather, so we will have to sit tight and wait.

On a brighter note, my game is already a month ahead of last year. My short game is sharper than expected. Except for a few poor club selection (and the odd shot), I am hitting the ball very well. On my second 9 holes I shot even par with three pars, bogies and birdies. I had a chance to break par, but missed a 30 footer on the 9th hole. ūüôā

I actually have increased my GIR percentage already. By hitting into my DIY driving net, I have found that I am not struggling to ‘feel’ my swing from within 150 yards. It ‘feels’ smooth and as long as I remember to swing easy then all is right in my golfing world. My investment of time prior to playing this year is paying off and I look forward to building on my early successes.

On a side note, the 2020 golf season is causing a bit of a challenge for some golf courses. Because of the coronavirus limitations, some golf courses do not have enough carts for players. Not being able to double up riders is a challenge. One reader explained that their course came to the 18th green a took their cart because they needed it for the a group teeing off. That seems a bit harsh, but all part of the craziness we can expect in 2020 at the golf course.

Lastly, I wanted to show you our check in procedure at Osprey Links. I think it is brilliant and felt it was worth sharing.

Enter the driveway and follow the signs, you will arrive at the Pro-Shop (even if your visit doesn’t require the purchase of any goods or services, you must still follow¬†the designated route).

Stop at the Pro-Shop and stay in your vehicle, we will be there to meet you.  Here you can pay your fees, rent a cart, buy snacks, food, soft drinks, beer and other refreshments.  We are encouraging cashless transactions and you can tap your Debit or Credit Card (or enter a pin) from your car.

The clerk will give you any details you are required to know and ask you to park.  If you are taking a riding cart, retrieve it then return to your car, load your gear and wait to be sent to the tee.

After being instructed, head to the tee.  It may be clear, but still wait until your designated starting time before teeing off, this is to maintain the mandated group distancing.

Email from Jeff Rogerson, GM, Osprey Links Golf Course

Jeff Rogerson has his team well organized and they make things happen very quickly. The key is not to show up than 20 minutes earlier than your designated tee time. This new normal for golfing will last for a while, but Jeff has it all under control.

I expect that other aspects of our golf routine will change or be modified. As we continue to practice social distancing in the parking lot and on the course, it is important to understand that we still need to do our part. Changing my golfing routine before playing is how I do my part to ensure that we can continue golfing in 2020, well then I am ready. Are you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Golfing in 2020 – Accepting Changes

  1. Jim, we should be thankful that we are just playing. All these restrictions will ease with time. Great to year of your improved readiness due to DIY. You certainly have a system that will sustain you through future off-seasons. Congrats on your fast start!


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  2. One of the reasons I play in the afternoon more often than in the morning is because mornings felt a lot like a bad factory production line at our busiest public courses. Right now though that production line feels a little more efficient so I find most of the new changes pretty easy to live with.

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