Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to celebrate the awesome things in our lives. Many people will travel long distances to share this fun holiday with family and friends. Personally, I like Thanksgiving because of the friendships, joy and love that is passed freely among best friends, family, old acquaintances and people you have not met yet.

By reflecting quietly, we realize how grateful we are for all those who have touched our lives. Some times it is an encouraging word from a stranger, that unexpected phone call, or the wanted call from someone you are missing. I especially like a tweet I received for Chris Squires, it about sums up how I feel:

I know that Thanksgiving is not solely a North American holiday. It is celebrated throughout the world and if you were wondering how, here are a couple of links to explain the significance of Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving is a special day. I wish you and your family all the best on this day of thanks! And if all else fails, remember:


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I am a grateful golfer giving thanks!

The Endless Possibilities of a Golfing Imagination

teeing off!

Early Morning Fog!

When I look at this picture, the endless possibilities of a golfing imagination brings a torrent of thoughts into my mind! Walking to the green one foggy morning, I notice these two golfers preparing to do battle against the elements. The bright sun, dew riddled ground, and the meandering fog captured my imagination. Here is what came to mind:

  • Friendship – as two old friends play golf for the 1000th time together
  • Joyfulness – of being able to play golf in such beautiful conditions
  • Gratefulness – of having a true friend to share in the experience

When I look at pictures such as these, I cannot help but imagine the endless possibilities. In this case, golf provided the opportunity for me to expand my horizons and be grateful for just being.

What do you see?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!