The Duck Challenge Goes Today!

Today is the day for the duck challenge! As most of you know, the loser must keep the duck safe and carry it periodically while playing a round or two until we have a chance to play again.

The last three challenges have not gone well for me. At first, I gave him too many strokes, that issue is fixed. The next two times, he won straight up and the matches were close.

Today’s duck challenge will determine if the duck returns to Canada or goes on a European vacation!

The rules are straight forward. The challenge is a match play format and I give my friend two strokes a side. If we are still tied after 18 holes, we count the strokes (he receives a total of 4 towards his score) to break the tie.

Although I have only played twice in 5 months, I think today is my day to finally “not” win the duck!

Stay tuned for the results! 

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “The Duck Challenge Goes Today!

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