Earning Strokes In A Golf Tournament

The 43rd Ryder Cup is upon us. As the first groups tee it up for one of golf’s biggest events, many players will be wondering how to earn strokes against their opponents in order to score a precious point for their team. The decisions on when to take acceptable risks is always a precarious one, but it is something that ingrained the fabric of every golf tournament, not just the big ones! If you have ever played in competition, you were immersed in the pressure of risk/reward decision making, hopefully with some success. With Garcia, Rahm, Spieth and Thomas being the first groups out, they will set the Friday morning tone and battle for the critical first point!

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Changing Clubs In Your Golf Bag

Most golfers have a set of golf clubs that they use day in and day out regardless of the course they are playing. I definitely fall into this category. I do not see a reason to change my clubs to suit a golf course because I do not feel that I hit the clubs not in my bag any better than the ones I already hit. I guess my narrow view on this topic is shaped by the fact that I did/do not consider this a viable approach to my golf game. I am not entirely sure I will adopt strategy, but it is something worth a discussion.