Review of Forté Golf Balls

A pleasant surprise!

At long last, I was able to test the Forté golf balls sent to me late last summer. I was waiting until the weather turned warm and my game was at a level where I could make an honest assessment of these golf balls. Thank you to Forté Golf for the opportunity to test these new balls to the golfing market.

My testing conditions were ideal. It was 30° C, 25 kmph wind, and completely sunny. The course was dry and the greens were very receptive. I am currently playing to a 5 handicap and hopefully, it will go lower as the summer progresses.

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How Many Golf Balls Do You Use in a Season?

This is a question I posed a few days ago out in cyberspace. I did not qualify how many rounds of golf a person would play or how long their golf season was, but I figured it was a good question to gauge if I am using too many golf balls. As it turned out, I am actually under the average.

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Receiving of Snell Golf Balls

The right golf ball for your game is very important. Over the years, I think I have tried them all to try and find that perfect ball for my game. As my game changed, the need for a different golf ball also changed.

I think evolving your game is an important aspect of playing golf. And selecting the proper equipment is at the core of that change. Having said that, I had a recent conversation with Mike Johnny,  36aday golf blog and an ambassador for Snell Golf, about my continuing search and graciously offered to sent me a gift. Continue reading

Golf Ball Review: Wilson 50 and Wilson Duo


Wilson 50 and Wilso Duo

The Wilson 50 and Wilson Duo were recommended to me by several sources as great balls to play. Over the winter, I presented an infographic on Which Golf Ball is Best for You and this information sparked an interesting conversation about golf balls. The brand of Wilson 50 and Duo were repeatedly mentioned and I decided that I would try these balls and provide a product review.

I had to think of a fair process and ensure my bias for my current golf ball did not influence the results. So, I developed my own methodology for testing these golf balls. The conclusions are mine alone and I am not affiliated with Wilson at this time (one never knows what the future brings). I ran both golf balls through a battery of tests to see if these balls would fit well into my game.
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